No Excuse Not To Exercise

Finally, my 2 dot com blogs have been revived!   But I am not sure how long they can survive before they pass on again. Their lives are hanging on tenterhooks.

To ensure longevity of my blogs, I need to upgrade the Inode / space for my website by paying a hefty sum to the host. Still deciding if I should do it.  Should I?


It was a very wet morning today. After sending the girls off to the transporter at 6:30am, it started to pour heavily. I could not go to the gym yet as it is only accessible at 7am.   Thus, I went home and worked out on the trampoline instead. It’s been ages since i last worked out on my trampoline. I used to jump on it everyday years ago.

I used to run on the road 365 days in a year, come rain or shine, I kid you not. Those were my pre-ASC (Alycia, Sherilyn, Cassandra) days  when I had a little free time on hand. I would start off my day at 5:30am by running outside the house for half an hour before heading to work! On some days when I could leave the office early, I would run for an hour at the park in the evening, making it a twice-daily exercise regimen. Yup, I was that fit and had an overflowing of stamina.   When it rained, I ran with an umbrella and on other regular days, i ran holding  a baton as protection against muggers.  Later, hubs got me a pepper spray.  I still keep one in my pocket every morning when I exercise, just as a safety precaution.

I took this photo this morning using the timer on my mobile phone.   I took this picture just so to motivate YOU to start exercising today!  And I learned something new today – setting the timer on my phone!

To keep myself entertained while I ran and jumped on the trampoline this morning, I watched BBC and CNN on TV.

To those of you who keep giving yourself excuses not to exercise, stop procrastinating. Start moving your butt today!!  Don’t be discouraged if you feel like you’ve been battered all over on your first few days of exercise. Keep going. You’ll be surprised that your stamina keeps getting better  and in no time, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle!

Remember, persistence pays off. In addition to getting toned arms, legs and abs, you’ll be able to eliminate that muffin top that you’ve been desperately trying to get rid of for years and get a hot bod when you exercise.

* Note reducing carbs and calories work hand in hand in a successful and safe weight loss journey. Remember to eat clean and eat well too.

Exercise needs not be the mundane running or swimming. You can do something fun like trampoline jumping (I love jumping in front of the TV and watch the news, thus killing 2 birds with one stone!), skipping rope, dancing, yoga and much more.  On a tight budget and cannot afford the gym or yoga lessons?  DIY by referring to YouTube! A trampoline does not cost a lot.  The one you see here cost less than RM200. The benefits of exercise are aplenty.  Try getting hooked on exercise and you will see and experience the benefits of exercise first hand yourself.   So wait no further, give yourself a nudge on your butt and start moving!





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