Classroom Stories From Cass

Cass today…

Cass – mummy, you know, today J touched my… butt!

Me (GASPED!) – what? WHY??

Cass – I was walking in the classroom and he used his hand to touch my butt when I passed his desk.

Me – did you tell your class teacher?

Cass – yes and teacher whacked J on the hand

Me – whacked with what??

Cass – ROTAN!

Me – did teacher beat him hard?

Cass – no lah. It was very lightly.. like that…. (and then demonstrated to me how her teacher whacked J. And it was nothing short of a tap on the hand with the intimidating rotan)

Me – I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself. Remember, never ever let anyone bully you or touch your private parts. Never ever keep quiet and let people bully you.  Always tell teacher if anyone does that to you ok?


My ballsy Cass, never afraid to speak up for herself.  She is even a team leader in her class, overseeing and minding her group of 7 kids. I am so proud of my baby girl 🙂


When Cass put on this outfit on my birthday last Sunday, her two sisters kept  commenting that she looks like Katy Perry, who has a fondness for donning on tutu skirts when she performs,  LOL!!

Katy Perry started an unexpected trend in 2010. The singer wore a number of tutu skirts for performances that year, which she paired with embellished/studded tutu tops.





Cass loves her Alycia che che to bits!


And I love them both to the moon and back, over and over again!!


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Awesome Rawsome Lunch – 2 April 2015

Yesterday was awesome rawsome lunch day for me.  I do that twice or thrice a week, for lunch.  Today is yet another day of going raw for lunch, well almost, but I will be adding an egg to increase my hemoglobin levels.  I am anemic, caused by heavy menses, which in turn is contributed by a tiny fibroid in my uterus.

My awesome rawsome lunch yesterday was Pesto Salad.  The salad  composed of alfalfa and onion sprouts, walnut, almond, pecan, sesame seeds, organic Japanese kyuri, organic cherry tomatoes, green grapes, seasoned seaweed, fried shallots, Japanese Yuzu plum dressing and homemade Pesto paste.




Before lunch, I downed 2 glasses of raw smoothie, consisting of orange, apple, green grapes and alfalfa and onion sprouts.  The kids and the hubs had orange and apple smoothie, sans the raw sprouts.




**BURP**!!  That was so so filling and enough to sustain me till dinner while giving me the fuel to slave for the kids and household 😀

Can anyone eat such healthy stuff just for a day? Tell me you can! They are good stuff you’re pumping into your body alright! 😉




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