First Half Of May 2016 – Random Things

I have always been very wary of the month of May.  If you follow my blog, you would have read that the month of May is never kind to me.

Well, this year’s May started off well. I was thinking the ‘May Hex’ has probably ended. Not until the past few days when the jinx started to creep out creepily!

Yesterday, I had a bad fall at the toilet of our condo. After sending the girls  off to their school vans, I went to the toilet before my jog.  Just as I was getting out of the cubicle, my right leg was inadvertently hooked to the long hose of the bidet lying on the floor. I fell flat on the toilet floor BAM! Thankfully the floor wasn’t wet. I thought I had broken my left leg and hands. Everything happened in a flash. It hurt like hell. A blue black bruise and bump formed on my left knee immediately.  Thankfully I could still limp out of the toilet to start my jog cum brisk walk at the walking trek.  My hands and legs felt sore today.

Today is Sherilyn’s turn to ‘phook kai‘ (in Cantonese it pessimistically means slumping on the street).  After alighting from the school van in the afternoon, she tripped and fell, hitting her face on the sharp edge of the stairs, when she was walking up the stairs to the lobby. I didn’t see her fall as I was waiting for Cass to get down from the van.  When I saw Sherilyn, she was trying hard to stifle a cry.  This drama queen is usually very mettlesome and hardly cries when she hurts herself. This fall must be really hard and bad.  She asked me if her right cheek just below her eye  was bleeding.  I got a shock. There was a blue black bump there, as if she just got punched.   And the shin of her leg had a long graze mark and the skin was yanked off.  OUCH!!!!  She had an ice cube compress on her cheek back home.  Thank God she did not hit her eyes or nose!!

Back home, Cass told me that she stepped on some dog or cat poop in the school field during PE session today. OMG, I flipped when I saw her shoes and socks. And the stinky odor, GAWD!!! The OCD in me just flew into a rage!!  I ordered her to remove her shoes and socks immediately while I quickly grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen for her to dump the shoes and socks inside. Then I threw them in the refuse room outside our unit.  When I went back inside our unit, Cass was standing on the part of the floor where she just stepped her pooped laced shoes. I went ballistic and unsavory words flew out of my mouth in a rage.  I hollered at her and asked her how she could be so dumb to stand on the floor that she just stepped with her pooped laced shoes.  After cleaning up Cass’ feet and flooding the floor with Sol-U-Guard disinfectant and Sol-U-Mel odor remover, I scrubbed her clean in the bathroom before she is allowed to have lunch.

At the height of my vexation, Cass asked me this question, with an ignorant look in her wide eyes, “mummy, which is worse – step on poop or fall down and hurt yourself?  Which one do you prefer? I rather step on poop.  Tell me mummy, tell me which is worse!!”

I had to stifle my chuckle upon hearing that innocently hilarious question thrown to me by Cass.  LOL!

And my answer to her? You guess.

Cass has always looked at the glass as half full. Never half empty. And I admire her optimism in life despite the challenges thrown at her repeatedly.

Life with kids is ALWAYS dramatic. Never ever a dull moment.  I never asked for all these problems, heart attacks and drama.  But I did ask God for children when I could not have any 16 years ago.  So yeah, I will just write all my rants off in my blog.  And pray that  the remaining days in May will be pleasant and uneventful with NO MORE DRAMA, please God!

I will have to learn to master the job of motherhood until I have them down cold and laugh off each drama instead of sulking over them 😀

Here’s our healthy, wholesome and yummy home-cooked lunch for today:

Pumpkin porridge with pork ribs and sauteed lean pork slices with big onions and ‘jar choi’ (preserved veggie). YUMS!!



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