Cow Sense For Parents by Lydia Teh – Giveaway Book To 5 Winners!

In conjunction with Mother’s Day and the 12th anniversary of, there will be a book giveaway to 5 lucky winners!  The book, Cow Sense For Parents, authored by Lydia Teh will be available in major book stores from 20 May 2019.

Cow Sense For Parents is published by MPH Group Publishing. It’s the 11th book written by Lydia Teh. This book is a compilation of Lydia’s Family Teh Time column in The Sun newspaper. There are 100 short chapters in the form of FAQs on parenting issues.  So it’s going to be a great ‘reference’ book for parents.  This is one book I’ll definitely get a copy too!

Lydia, a columnist at The Sun has 17 years of harrowing staying home experience with 4 children (with no maid) and she definitely has a wealth of handy tips and advice to share with parents of babies up to teens.

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Good luck!!

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8 thoughts on “Cow Sense For Parents by Lydia Teh – Giveaway Book To 5 Winners!

  1. I need this book because I am lacking some cow sense in parenting. My kids drive me nuts everyday.

  2. I want a copy of Cow Sense for Parents as it is difficult to be parents nowadays as compared to our younger days. With the 100 short chapters, I believe it can somehow guide me to be a better informed parent.

  3. When my kids were babies it was so easy to manage. Just babywear both of them, bring them around, change pampers, milky time and etcs.

    But now both being 7yrs and 5yrs old, I seem to be struggling alil.
    Besides being a single mum wt no help around, I feel helpless at times.

    Hope by winning this book I could put some sense in to myself…

  4. I need this book as it is challenging to manage the family with 3 young boys and a high demanding work. I need to learn how to manage my boys EQ – a topic we never spoke 30 years ago and be present despite the limitation in time.

  5. By reading this book, I hope I could be a better parent (I am a parents of 3 active kids). Since the book is also humorous, I wish to get some form of entertainment (not in the form of electronics media but from real books).

  6. This book is a great answer to every time we’ve ever wondered, “Is it just me, or is being a parent bad in a very particular way right now?“

  7. Hahaha…. my kids teacher beats me to this. I need to upgrade myself in enchancing my knowledge in cow sense parenting. My kids are using their cow sense and I am clueless!

  8. I have a budding 10 year old transitioning into pre-tweenhood and another-soon-to-be 5 year old toddler to balance at the same time. Parenting in this era is mind-boggling and challenging in endless different ways even my own parents aren’t able to provide insights! I need a guru. And plus I’m born in the year of Cow. It’s a sign! 😉

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