Throes Of Motherhood

Sorry for the lack of updates in my blog for the past 2 weeks. These days, I try very hard to force myself to be in bed by 10pm as I have to wake up for my ‘night duty’ at 2am. It’s agonizing ok, to force yourself up from your beauty sleep to do your motherly duty.

Cass is still recuperating from a bout of UTI attack. I do not want her to hold back her urine for 8-9 hours during bed time. At 2am each day, in the still of the night when everyone else in the house is in their deep slumber and oblivious to what’s happening outside their bedrooms, I carry Cass who is still deep in her sleep, from the bed to the bathroom, as if she was a sack of 23kg rice. While she pees, I quickly fix some Izumio with Waterfall D-Mannose in a glass and gives it to her. After she’s done drinking this potion, I wash her bottom and we go back to bed. Thank God, I can still get back to sleep but 2 1/2 hours later, I would have to force myself out from bed again to do my next round of motherly duty at 4:45am. This is torturous and I am so bushed. But I hope that all my pain and effort will pay off well. The best gift for me would be to see Cass recover 100% from UTI with no recurrence and be 100% diaper-free by this year.

During the day, I would either be in school to check on Cass for a couple of hours or stay home to do some work. In between, I need a short power nap to recharge my batteries.

Tonight, I have broken my own rule. It’s already 10:30pm and I am not in bed yet but at the computer. Tomorrow is a Saturday but my motherly duty continues. I have to do this every single day until Cass is weaned off the diaper at night. Life is tough but I am very sure that I will reap the sweet fruits of my labour very soon.

I better end here instead of rattling on and on. G’nite world! 🙂

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My Wednesday – 6 January 2016

Haih… and so the nasty chi that circulated around me yesterday attacked me right up to the moment I clambered onto bed at the stroke of midnight.  I thought that after calling it off for the day, the bad chi would end but NAY! The moment I plonked onto bed, I felt a crick on my left neck. The crick paralyzed my entire head and I had to lay still and massage my  neck for 15 minutes or so to release the crick.  DANG it! I could not believe my luck!!

I seriously need to know how to manage stress. It’s not doing me any good. When our body goes into stress, millions of stress hormones called Cortisol are released, attacking every cell in our body. Thus, the stress gas stabbing my middle abdomen and the stiffness in my body yesterday.

This morning, I woke up feeling groggy and zombified having had only 5 hours of sleep. After sending our girls off, I went back to sleep. I was contemplating whether to swim or not to. My mind was willing but body was too weak. I made the right decision. After a 1-hour power nap, I felt my batteries recharged to full bar. I quickly hung the laundry, took a quick bite for breakfast and zoomed off to school.

Traffic was pretty bad. I reached school about half an hour later. Then spent over an hour to sort out Cass’ missing books. The issue is still not totally resolved yet. I’ll need to follow up with both her primary 1 and primary 2 teachers.

On the way back from school, I felt a creepy crawlie going up my leg. Dang it, it must be the baby roach that Alycia saw on Sunday. I swept it away with  my hand and I am still not sure what it was.  For a moment, my memory went back to the year 1990. Fresh from my 17th birthday, my mum presented me with driving lessons. On the second lesson, I saw a big roach on the car floor mat. The car was a really beaten up old and dirty junk. I screamed and stopped short the car in the middle of the road at the roundabout and raised both my legs on the seat. The grumpy old man driving instructor yelled at me impatiently. HA HA HA!!

Note to self – must fumigate my car with Sol-U-Guard (Melaleuca) powerful antibacterial spray.

Then I stopped at a cafe to have a nice lunch.  It was just me alone and I was working from my mobile phone at the cafe with no interruption. No yelling at the kids.  Total blissss!!

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I am now hankering for positive vibes. I am trying to stay positive and happy. I hope this stays even after the girls are back home.


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Bad Day

This is one of the rules of a typical Chinese school that I really hate!

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Hair cannot be more than 5cm below the ears. Wait, there’s more. No concave style. No stylo mylo cut. Only plain Bob! If you want to keep bangs, make sure they are clipped up with only BLACK hair pins or clips. Dark brown hair clips/pins are not accepted either.  No fancy schmancy clips too. Long hair must be tied in only ONE style, which is grandma’s style – bun.  That’s why 99% of Chinese-ed female students invariably have the same ‘nerdy’ look. No offense ok. My 3 girls are products from a military-style Chinese school.

Just 2 weeks earlier, I had brought the big girl for a hair cut. Today the prefect gave her an ultimatum to have the hair cut by today itself, failing which the teacher will cut it for her in school as tomorrow is photography day. Duh!!

Today Murphy’s Law ruled my life. I hate today. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I waited for over 1 hour for the hairstylist who promised me that I only needed to wait for 15  minutes. Bull shit! I left his salon and went to another salon.

Prior to this, someone made me fuming mad when she cut my packets of Izumio hydrogen water! Last night I told her to be very very very careful before she opened the box (with retail price of over RM400) with a pair of scissors. This smart alec as usual only listened to 50% of what I said. I think she must have stabbed the box with all her cow strength, knowing her! Consequently, about 5 packets of Izumio were punctured with holes. That cost me over RM50 🙁 🙁  I was shocked when I saw them.  I only noticed the damage in the afternoon today.

Tuition time today was another blood-vomiting time for me. I almost slapped the girl when she talked to her tutor and me with so much disrespect and arrogance when she made a mistake but did not admit it. Her couldn’t care less attitude is seriously taking a toll on my mental and physical health! I seriously think that if this continues, I’ll be sent to the mad house or have some serious health problems.

Next, Cass told me that she was the only one in class without some activity books for all the subjects. I think her former class teacher must have kept the books when she went on a 2-week long MC in November.  I’ll have to make another trip to her school tomorrow to see her teachers to sort out this problem. Hopefully her books are still waiting for her, else, there goes my money again.

Next up – filling up forms brought back from school by the girls and parting with money. Boy do I hate filling up forms. It causes me stress!

All in all, today has been a very bad day for me.  The girls were constantly getting on my raw nerves, especially the 2 younger ones. And the hubby is still in Sabah and not around to share my load of stress! My tummy had accumulated so much painful ‘stress gas’. Surprisingly, gulping down 2 packets of Izumio managed to get rid of the stabbing pain.

It’s way past my regular bed time now. I do not like to go to bed seething in anger. Thus, this blog post to rant and let it go. Cass always tells me to let it go whenever I tell her that I am upset. I am so in deep shit tomorrow morning. I can’t function without a minimum of 6 hours of sleep and I am only going to get 5 hours. Duh!

Nite everyone.


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Stressful Monday – 7 October 2015

The past 1 week has been super duper dreadfully stressful for me. Have I told you that Miss Drama Queen has stopped attending the daily after-school tuition center effective October 2015? I don’t see any improvement in her grades for the past 1 year and she did not fulfill her daddy’s ultimatum to show us just a little improvement.

Miss Drama Queen begged us to allow her to continue going to the tuition center but we have to mean what we say and walk the talk. So yeah, cruel as we may be, I had to break the news to the principal of the tuition center. I think she will fare better under the tutelage of our current private tutor who has been teaching Alycia and Cass for the past 4.5 years.   Nonetheless, she will still attend tuition at the center once a week on Saturdays. I know she just can’t let go of the friendship she has made with all her bffs at the tuition center for the past 2 years.

Bad news for me is that I holler more at home.  This drama queen has a ‘tidak apa’ (couldn’t care less) attitude and is such a dawdler! In every single task that she hates but has to do.

Good news is that she can help me out in the kitchen everyday as she loves cooking 😀

With 2 rascals to monitor in their revision for exam since last week, I think at least 5 years of my life have been snatched away.  I kid you not. My heart palpitations have increased in frequency with 9 hours of screaming at home. Every. Single. Freaking. Day!

Yesterday was really stressful for me. My part-time helper called in last minute to inform me that she’s taking a day off.  At the eleventh hour that is.  WTF!! I felt so stressed out with the girls and with house chores that I just did not feel like cooking or doing anything.  I tai-chied floor mopping and clothes ironing to Alycia since her exam is only starting next week and she can still help out in the house.  Then we went out to a nearby mall for dinner. But big mistake. After dinner, there was a horrendous traffic jam outside the mall. By the time we reached home, it was close to 10pm. After shower and all, I only had 15 minutes to sit down with Cass to go through the topics that she is weak in her Math.  Since Math is in Chinese, I had to rope in Alycia to help out.

Hopefully the drama queen and Cass will fare well in their Math papers today.  My mum has always been advising me to chill out and close one eye to the girls’ grades in school. She knows I am one who gets stressed out easily.  I wish I can take heed of her advice and close both eyes and just let them be. Whether the grade is  A, B, C or F – just chill out and close both eyes to the grades.

But can I?

Can you?



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Conversation With Cass

Going through the throes of motherhood, often times my girls will drive me to the point of breaking down with thoughts of packing my bags and ditching them for good!

When the girls, especially the littlest one was in her rascal temperament and being very disobedient last week…

Me – I will leave you all soon and never come back! Then you will all realize how good I have been!! And you will regret for not loving me enough and taking me for granted! *blood boiling*

Cass – you can never leave me. I will follow you wherever you go to. I will go to Ipoh to look for you!! We can never be separated!!

Oh like how did she even know that I will flee to Ipoh? See, I am so transparent and easy to hack! HA!

My not so baby-ish anymore baby girl is still loving her part-time gig as model at mummy’s online store 🙂





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Conversation On Bang Bang Over Dinner

At the dining table over dinner today, the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj was played on the radio. The girls sang along as they ate dinner.

Alycia – mummy, do you know what “bang bang” means actually?

Me (acting dumb) – yeah… bang bang with a gun like this *and pointing my hand like a gun towards Alycia*

Alycia – NO-O, it’s not that kind of bang bang! You know… thaaat bang bang?

Me – what kind of bang bang? *Question – should I stop acting dumb and explain the birds and bees to her?*

Ok, I should!!

Me – OH… you mean thaaat bang bang? Of course I know what it is!

Alycia – so err, you and daddy bang bang?

Me – OF COURSE! How do you think you, Sherilyn and Cass came into this world? Dropped from heaven just like that?

Alycia – you and daddy bang bang? OMG, that’s so dissssgussssting!!

Me – no, that’s not disgusting!

Alycia – luckily I did not bump into you and daddy banging on those nights that I woke up to pee.. HEE HEE!

Me – you think we would be so dumb to bang bang with the door opened? And when our door is closed, don’t you bang on the door to see if we are banging ok… coz we will not open the door for you!

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass – HA HA HA!!

(Alycia has a habit of knocking on our door just as hubs and I have turned off the bedroom light to sleep. She then walks into the room in the pretext of taking the hand lotion and peers at me who is on the bed, suspiciously and in the hope of seeing ‘something’, LOL! Oh well, she’s at this stage where she’s just curious about the birds and bees)

Alycia – err, by the way, I finally found out what a CONDOM is! You know, at first I thought a condom was some kind of birds. But I recently read about condoms being banned in some schools in the US. SO… daddy wears a condom when he bang bang eh?

Me – OH yes! We baaaaaang all the way with it so that you won’t get another naughty younger sister or brother to bother you!!

And then the girls broke into a loud guffaw! 😀

I love having dinners at home together. It’s the time when the girls and I talk and laugh about everything and anything. It’s also the time when Alycia (she can be quite a hard nut to crack) is in a jovial mood and I take this opportunity to give her pep talks, advice and knock sense into her head.

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Holding My Mind Ransom

Kids these days are super manipulative. With access to online social media platforms, the internet and the newspapers, my 12-year old knows more than I do sometimes. After all, she has more free time on hand to read during her leisure time whereas my free time is like just ten minutes a day – when I sit on the throne. And this is also  with the littlest one inside the same bathroom as me, to chat with me while she showers!

Anyway, I want to tell you how manipulative my 12-year old is each time I reprimand her for not putting enough time and effort to study.  With information that she absorbs from the newspapers and internet, she knows what kids are up to these days.  Each time I chide her off, she will say this to me… “mummy, if you want me to study so hard, later I will go crazy and depressed. And then I will jump off a building!”   This is definitely a case of a child verbally holding her parent’s mind  ransom! This makes me want to retort and say “go jump off right now!” Of course I did not say this, so as not to make myself so childish and to really challenge a tween with raging hormones to really do it. This girl is pretty reticent but when she talks, she can be really good with her words and sometimes corners me.   If you hear such words coming out from the mouth of your tween, what would you do and say?



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Random Updates

I have been  so so super duper busy the past week. Well, I should say I have not been free since the start of school on 12 January 2015.

As with other years, orders at my online store have been very high around this time as CNY is less than 2 weeks away. Plus I have been busy with the girls. Sherilyn’s BM language is weak and if I do not guide her, she is really doomed since she is going to be stuck in a public school until high school. Every night, I spend at least half an hour coaching her in BM.  One of my greatest wishes right now is for a big windfall and I am pulling my girls out of Chinese school right away and in they go to a private or international school! *wishful thinking* LOL!

Now that I have a tad more free time in the morning, I spend longer time in the gym in the mornings. It feels good not having to rush off working out. Once I am home, I take a shower, take a short breakfast while I work on the computer and off I go to the nearby supermarket to get my groceries. Back home, I work till the girls return at 2ish pm.

Visiting the hair salon is a regular affair for us. Alycia needs her hair cut twice a month. You know the absurd ruling in Chinese schools is that if your hair is not tied up neatly into a bun (with no random strands of hair jutting out), your hair must be short like Lam Ah Chan and cannot touch the collar!  Remember this Hong Kong slapstick comedy  in the 80s on Lam Ah Chan? LOL!!   Since Alycia is a school prefect, she gets panic stricken each time she imagines that her hair is touching her school shirt collar and then goes into a frenzy, bugging me to bring her to the hair salon.

On Saturday last week, we visited our regular hair salon for Alycia to get her hair cut…

Throughout the half hour when Alycia’s hair was being cut, Cass kept kissing and hugging her che che while stroking her cheeks and saying “awwww, you’re so cute che che”!

Though they fight and bicker all the time, Cass is nevertheless besotted with her Alycia che che and loves her to bits.


On some days after school, Cass goes on to do some freelance modeling job at mummy’s online store…



Cass, after school today. I worry about her a lot everyday on how she is coping in school. I think she is getting along really fine and already has a handful of buddies. She keeps telling me the same answer each time I ask her if she likes school. She is loving it! And now my next hurdle is to perfect her Chinese word recognition. That is another tall order and I hope that we will be able to overcome it together.




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Involving Kids In Household Chores

It took my daughters and me over 2 years to get used to our life without a live-in maid, since our live-in maid of 4 years returned to Indonesia for good. My daughters have had at least a maid at any one time all their lives to care for them until 2 years ago. In 2005, we had 2 live-in maids. That was the year Sherilyn was born.  Alycia was only 14 months when her sister was born. And I was still holding a full-time job.  Thus we hired 2 live-in maids.

We have had  live-in maids for over 10 years, way back to even before Alycia was born. Life back then with a live-in maid was such a luxury. I’ve had my minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep each night and never had to worry about having to do any house chores.  All that changed 2 years ago when our live-in maid decided to return to start a family in Indonesia. Since then, I am only limited to a maximum of 5 hours of shut-eye each night. Every single school-going day, I’d feel zombified.  Some people don’t really need to sleep while some cannot function without sufficient sleep. I am the latter.

Ever since kakak Dyah left in August 2012,  I have never liked the idea of cooking and eating at home.  Cooking means having to wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, mop the floors, dry the clean dishes and keep them. I was terrified and tired of the whole freaking process.  When kakak Dyah just left, I tried the daily home catered food but stopped short just after a month. I actually tried twice  and in both cases, I was already sick of the food on the third day!  I still remember during my second try with another home caterer, I  gave the food away to the guards at our condo everyday for the entire month!  Instead, I cooked simple yet delish food that the girls loved.  Gradually, I started to force myself to cook every day – at least once…. all for the love of my girls.  Beginning this year, which is the second year sans a live-in maid, I began to get the hang of cooking.  I then cooked twice a day!  Gradually, I have also learned to condition my mind to ‘like’ washing the dishes and accepted the fact that our kitchen is too small to ever fit in a dishwasher.  Though we have a part-time maid coming in almost 5 days a week, she however, is not very reliable in terms of attendance.  And we cannot push every single chore to her as we have a limit of 4 hours each time she works.

Over the period of 2 years, my girls have learned to accept that doing chores after each meal is COMPULSORY… and that chores are a part of their meals – like dessert! 😀    Looking back, I am very glad that my girls and I have come to where we are now.  When kakak Dyah just left, we ate out a lot.  Now, we are eating more at home.  The girls now know that  after each meal, they are to bring the dirty dishes to the wet kitchen.  The drama queen’s duty is to wash the dirty dishes.  Alycia’s duty is to wipe the chairs, dining table and pick up food from the floor.   Cass’ duty is to wipe the clean dishes and keep them.   And my duty is to wash the pots and pans (STILL HATE THIS CHORE!)  mop the floor, throw the garbage and everything else that needs to be done.  In fact, the girls prefer to eat home more than eating out and don’t mind flexing their limbs to help out, though they would bicker when they work.

Drama queen at work just now…

Alycia cleaning the table till it’s sparkling clean!  She’s a clean freak just like me 😀

Do you rope in your kids to help in the household chores?



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Of Bribing A Child

Today I bribed Cass!

I told Cass that if she would let me record a video her dancing and singing to Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass song, I would give her a reward *evil mum*    Now she is bugging me to shoot the video so that she can claim her reward!

Coz I think Cass looks too cute when she sings and dances to that song.

But don’t shoot me just yet.  My main purpose is not to show off how cute she is when she sings and moves her booties to the song of All About That Bass.  I want to record the video for remembrance sake.  For her to watch it when she grows up.  And for me to watch it many moons down the road and have a good chuckle all by myself when my babies have left the nest.

Would you bribe your child to do something similar to this?  Do you think I am teaching her the wrong thing?  That by bribing, you can get anything that you want?


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Our Sunday, 20 October 2014

My Sunday yesterday was no different from any weekday as I had to be up from bed at 5:30am.  Alycia had to attend a team-building camp in school and had to be in school by 7:30am.

Breakfast was pretty light and healthy. You can see from the picture below that we had sugar-free yoghurt, sweet corn kernels and orange + coconut water smoothie (with chia seeds sprinkled for the extra health boost!).


Miss Drama Queen and Cass lazed their Sunday morning away at the dining table.  Cass was looming away with her Rainbow bands and Miss Drama Queen was consumed by her iPad.


We later went to Avenue K for lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Bankara Ramen, after which was retail therapy for moi 😀

While I did my little therapy, hubs brought Miss Drama Queen and Cass for an LRT ride!  It was Cass’ first ever LRT ride.




Back home, everyone had to do their share of house work.  After dinner at home, I delegated Alycia and Drama Queen to take turns to revise with Cass.  Cass will be having her final exam soon.   My condition  for the TV to be turned on was that everyone had to do their fair share of house work and to help Cass revise too *grins tiger mommy*

My camera-shy Alycia was pissed with me for snapping this picture and refused to have her face exposed 😀



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Our Sunday, 12 October 2014 – Eve Of Final Exam

On the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s exam, I should be at home to do revision with them today.  But as in previous exams, we were pretty relaxed and went to Mid Valley Megamall to have brunch at Sushi Zanmai *feeling guilty*!





After brunch, hubs suggested to have some cakes and coffee at Alexis.  Hubs is always the very indulgent and easygoing daddy, who hardly puts any pressure onto his daughters to excel in their studies.  I am always the bad marshal and law enforcement officer at home – in short, the bad guy who pours cold water into all the fun 😀

Check out the decadent cakes from Alexis.

We ordered a slice of tiramisu, cheese cake and my favorite orange almond cake.


I think Alexis has one of the best tiramisu cakes in town.


Back home, we did some eleventh hour marathon revision on BM.  I am glad that this time round, Alycia can revise on her own pretty independently.  But I can’t say the same for the drama queen.  Long story cut short, I am now having sore throat and a real raspy voice from too much of talking and screaming. And I think my blood pressure has elevated a few notches up.  I really don’t understand why the drama queen has to give me so so much drama!  And she really has to assemble her brain that’s scattered everywhere!

In the evening, we were waiting for our Dominoes Pizza to deliver our pizza to us but 15 minutes after our phone order, they called us to say that it will be delayed to God knows when due to the thunderstorm.  I waited for half an hour but the rain did not stop. I called Dominoes Pizza and cancelled the order.  And off we went to the Japanese restaurant downstairs to have dinner instead.

Back home, the drama queen dilly dallied again. I hollered again till I gave up and felt like throwing myself onto the bed and cover my head with my duvet.  Really wanted to give someone the no eye see treatment but…. I persevered and pulled the drama queen next to me and went through a few more harrowing hours of going through the Tatabahasa list with her. *vomit blood*!!   Thank God, my eldest has been very cooperative and independent this time. She even helped me test Cass on her  Ting Xie list for tomorrow.



All the best in your BM test tomorrow girls.  I pray that you will remember all that you have studied.




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Our Merdeka Holiday @ Avenue K – 1 Sept 2014

We spent our Merdeka holiday at Avenue K yesterday – 1 Sept 2014.

After a very satisfying lunch at Wondermama @ Avenue K, we charged the stores of H&M.  My 3 vain pots and me.  Hubs went his own way.

I managed to get what the girls needed from H&M – a dinner dress each for Sherilyn and Alycia (it was torturous to get Alycia to slip into a dress. SO SO stressssful man!), a pair of sneakers and a pair of ballerina flats for Alycia too (another dose of stress getting her to try wearing anything except for sneakers and slippers, gawd!).   I needed to get Alycia a dress and a pair of flats for a wedding dinner that we will be attending next month.

And my next dose of stress – getting Cass to stop trying out those gorgeous boots and headbands!  Check out the boots in pink! They are so pretty!!


Cass bugged me to get her a pair of boots. I was really tempted to but on second thoughts, I did not.  I was thinking that it would be more practical to get Sherilyn the boots since she can wear them first and then hand down to Cass!  Those boots that Cass tried on were RM99 a pair and there was no size suitable for Sherilyn.   Call me kiasu. Yep I am a kiasu mommy, ha!



The boots had furry lining inside and I think  it would be SO hot to be wearing boots in our sweltering weather.  I was thinking of getting the boots for Sherilyn and Cass for our trip to NZ in December.   Will keep this boots-hunting in my bucket list and if there are cheaper ones, I will get for both Sherilyn and Cass.


I feel stressed to the max shopping with my girls.  Each of them has different quirks and demands to irk me.   And it is so hard to please each of them!  Why can’t they just be like me?  I was the most obedient and easiest to please daughter ever.  And dared I irk my parents by saying NO?  I better dodge and duck away to avoid a spank!  haha!!






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Eve Of The Girls’ Exam

It’s the exam season once again. My desktop PC was dominated by Alycia and Sherilyn for the past 2 days.   I prefer to use online Tatabahasa notes (mostly prepared by teachers) to guide the girls as there are more visuals to accompany the notes and they remember better when shown information in colorful slides. Sample UPSR test papers can also be found and printed online.

It is only now that I get to warm my seat and have control over my PC and it is slightly over 11pm now.  I have only 15 minutes to do a short post before I hit the sack.  My day begins at 4:45am once again tomorrow.

It’s the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s exam today and as usual, they only started to feel a slight pressure to do some serious revision at the eleventh hour.  Someone still daydreams and needs me to gawk at her like a hawk. Each time I leave the table, her mind and eyes will stray off! She is like an airplane that needs close monitoring on the radar. I felt like strangling her!! It is me who always likes early preparation but not my girls.  Nothing that I say would make them panic and start preparing earlier. I always tell them the rules of reaping what you sow but they are still as cool as cucumbers! *roll eyeballs*! I hope Cass will be easier to manage next year.

Despite being the eve of their exam, we had a nice dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant today and then went groceries shopping at Bangsar Village.

Dinner was strictly no cooking as I did not want to do much washing. I wanted to use my golden hours to do as much revision as I can with Alycia and Sherilyn. There are so many topics to cover and I think I missed out some.

So for dinner, I ordered Papa John’s pizza to be delivered to us.



Good luck girls and I really hope you will remember all your last minute stuffing and overloading of information tomorrow!

And to those with kiddos sitting for their exams tomorrow, all the best to your kids too! 🙂




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Pink Hello Kitty Dress

There is this pink Hello Kitty dress at my supplier’s warehouse, which can be purchased from my online store  that I am very, very tempted to get for myself.  I have been a Hello Kitty fan all my life!  When I was younger, I used to eat, sleep and breathe Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio. I still have my collection of Hello Kitty collectibles nicely kept in a drawer at my parents in Ipoh.   My hands still get itchy  whenever I see cute Hello Kitty and Sanrio things 😉

For someone who sells clothes, it is only natural that I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes. Many of them are worn only once.  Some are brand new and still not worn yet. If I add this Hello Kitty dress to my collection of clothes, I know I will probably only wear it once or twice.  I still have several dresses that I have ordered from my supplier that have not reached me yet and they are for ME!  No doubt the dress is in my favorite color pink and has my favorite childhood character on it, but but but, sigh….!

So I turned to Cass and asked her if I should get it.  Cass scrutinized the dress and as frank as she has always been with her opinion with me, she told me that I will probably look FAT in it!  Errr, have I ever been FAT?!  But a child’s opinion is always forthright and I think I will probably look fat in it.  And honestly, do you think a 41-year old mother of 3 kids will look ridiculous in a pink Hello Kitty dress?  I asked Cass this question and she went “ERRRR….”  as if not wanting to spill out the cruel truth from her mouth.   So, it is a no go la Hello Kitty pink dress 🙁

In case you like it, you can order it from me though 😉






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Throes Of Motherhood

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a while since I last updated my blogs and my reason has always been the same. I’m sure you will know why if you are a regular reader of my blog 😉

The past one week sure had been hectic for me. My regular part-time maid did the unexpected. She demanded for higher pay from me again. In addition to that, she also demanded for reduced working hours from 4 hours to 2 hours per session! And that’s RM50 for 2 hours only! I was stupefied when I read her text message to me last week demanding for a pay of RM50 for 2 hours only (1 maid only). The standard rate for part-time maid is RM15 an hour per maid. I wanted to tell her to go fly kite but I reminded myself to never ever burn any of my bridges. I had increased her pay twice since she started working for me 2.5 months ago on a daily basis and have been ever so accommodating to all her excuses, needs, reasons for pay rise and her inexcusable reasons for never replying my text messages and phone calls. I am pretty sure that it is the friend whom she brought along to help her with the work at our house several times who instigated her into all these requests for pay rise and shorter working hours. Well, she broke her own rice bowl now and I am glad that this happened. I so believe that everything happens for a reason. And I so believe that karma bites back like a b*tch!

Thank God that the ungrateful maid left. The 2 part-time maids who used to work for me came back to work for me, just at the right timing, when I badly needed one. I so miss them! Enough of overworking myself like a slave for the past 1 week, my most trust-worthy and reliable part-time maid, M will be resuming work today, after a 2.5-month break after an operation to remove a lump from her neck.

The past week, I worked full-time 7 days a week from 4:45am through midnight on most nights. Saturday was a replacement school day for Alycia and Sherilyn. I got up at 4:45am as usual to prepare them for school. Later, hubs and I went to their school to meet their teachers for report card collection.

On Sunday yesterday, Alycia had to be in school by 7:30am for an extra-curricular activity and my morning started at 4:45am on a Sunday!

This morning I felt as if my mind was badly constipated, from the lack of sleep. A short nap on my massage chair just a moment ago unclogged my fuzzy brain. Each time the school holiday ends, I will go through a period of zombiefied days, yearning for sleep and counting down to the next school holiday. As of today, I still have another 3 months to endure before the next school holiday in September. I think I will never need to apply eye shadow on my eyes again for I now have natural grey shades on both my eyes!

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