Happy 3rd Birthday Sherilyn



On this day 3 years ago, I gave birth to my 2nd miracle.  When I heard her first cries in the OT, I had tears in my eyes.  I had delivered Sherilyn via elective c-section, just like how I delivered Alycia.  Back in the ward, when I saw her face, I was a tad disappointed that she did not look as pretty and as fair as her cheh cheh Alycia.  Her eyes were not as big as cheh cheh and there were no double eyelids on her eyes.  She was very red,  black and hairy all over.  Nevertheless, she has a sweet dimple on each side of her cheek and had sweet lips. She also has a head full of black hair.  I kept asking the pediatrician why she was so hairy and he told me that the hair would shed as she grows older and that the blackish marks on her body would also fade away in time to come.  Now, she has grown fairer, cuter and prettier. Over the months and years, my love for Sherilyn grew stronger and stronger.  

Sherilyn started to talk and walk at 9 months, which was really fast.  I had started her on the Glenn Doman program at 2 months.  I flashed words and Math dots cards to her, read to her a lot and I made her crawl and creep tons.  Sher is developing very well and is full of bright and cunning ideas and really knows how to douse the flame in my heart when she has made me mad. 

At 3 years old now, Sher is really cheeky, mischievous, smart, bold, hyperactive and really knows how to melt everyone’s heart, especially daddy’s and mummy’s.  We all love her so very much. 

Sherilyn, Daddy and Mummy hope you will not be so naughty and will not give mummy anymore heart attacks.  When you broke your forehead 2 days ago, daddy and mummy’s hearts were crushed.   

That’s how naughty you are.  You can never sit still.  That’s why you broke your forehead 2 days ago and broke your left thumb 2 years ago.

Happy 3rd birthday Sherilyn darling!

We’ll be celebrating Sher’s birthday at a Korean restaurant tonight so stay tuned for the updates……

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Sherilyn Can Finally Cycle

Sherilyn can finally reach the pedals of her tricycle.  She’s been trying in vain for the last one year or so to reach the pedals but her legs were not long enough.  Lase week, I was so surprised to see that she could finally reach  the pedals and cycle on her own without being pushed.  She’s so proud of her achievement and no longer envies Alycia who has been cycling like a pro now.

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Cute Quotes

Sherilyn’s speech is improving everyday. She is now very expressive and loves parroting what we say. She even knows how to scold Alycia when Alycia whines and cries for no reason. Sometimes when Alycia is being naughty and gets scoldings from me, Sherilyn will say this to Alycia “you stubborn girl, stop crying. No reason to cry!” as she wags her forefinger at her sister.

This morning, Sherilyn was feeling a little lethargic and was just lying on the couch the whole morning and refused to budge from the couch. This was the conversation between my maid and Sherilyn this morning :

Kakak : Kay Yi, don’t be lazy. Go upstairs and bathe.
Sherilyn : Are you crazy!

I think she doesn’t really understand what the word crazy means but she sure knows how to answer back in rhyme! Must be all the Mother Goose rhymes that she’s been watching that’s wiring her brain to speak in rhyme!

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Sherilyn’s Milestone

Sherilyn can now hold a pencil fairly well and today, she wrote the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ without much difficulties. I was really surprised this morning that she could still remember the order of the strokes, though she had only practised writing the letter ‘E’ once a few days ago. Today is the second time she is given the chance to do letter tracing. I also discovered that she can point to a group of similar objects and count each of the object out loud simultaneously perfectly well. She is very keen to show off her ‘talent’ to me and each night in our bedroom, she would count the number of buttons on my comforter cover as she points to each of the button. She can count from 1 through 11. Today, she could also count the number of objects in the ‘count and match’ exercise in her Math workbook without any mistakes. Sherilyn can also sing most of the songs that she has heard from DVDs or from the radio and at home, she’s heard singing on top of her voice all the time! I’m not sure if this is considered a big achievement for my baby but I’m really proud of her.

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Sherilyn Can Write

This morning, I gave Sherilyn a letter tracing workbook and taught her to write. At first, she just squiggled and kept scribbling the letter ‘O’ on the pages. I held her hand and guided her to write a few letters but she didn’t want me to help her. She wanted to show off her independence and kept scribbling randomly on the pages when she finally settled on the page with the letter ‘E’. I then attempted to hold her hand again and guided her to write the letter ‘E’. After a few times guiding her, she tried to trace on the dotted lines on her own. The first few attempts were shaky and crooked but after a few tries, she finally managed to grip tightly on the color pencil and traced on the dotted lines quite well. After a few minutes trying, the tracing became better and straighter and she traced almost half the page of the letter ‘E’. I was so happy and praised her profusely. She was grinning and clapping her hands away as she finished tracing each letter. Later in the evening, when Sherilyn was doodling on her Doodle Pro, I asked her to write the letter ‘E’. She knew the strokes and got almost all the strokes right but missed out the last stroke on the bottom of the letter ‘E’, though she was trying hard to write it. I am so proud of her little achievement.

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Sherilyn’s Artwork

Alycia and Sherilyn love drawing and writing. From their drawings, I can see that their imagination is really good. Alycia can draw a rocket, an anklet, a necklace, marbles, lollipops, ice-cream and just about anything that her imagination fancies. Here, Sherilyn is seen trying to draw spiders on her doodle pro.

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My Gals Are Learning BM Fast

Yes they are. Alycia and Sherilyn can understand Bahasa Melayu (BM) pretty well when my maid speaks to them in BM. They can also speak a smattering of BM :

I tak mau (I don’t want)
Mana (where)
Makan (eat)
Kencing (wee wee)
Berak (poo poo)
Buang (throw)
Simpan (keep)
Minum (drink)
Balik (come home)
Kasut (shoes)
Pergi (go)
Kucing (cat)
Kotor (dirty)
Mau banyak (want a lot)
Duduk sini (sit here)
Kakak you cari for me (kakak you find for me)
Learning to count satu, dua, tiga (one, two, three, etc.)………. in BM
and much more but that’s all I can think of now.

When our new maid arrives in December, hopefully the gals will be able to converse with her in simple BM whilst I teach the new maid some simple English.

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A Saucy Fish Story

Sherilyn is finally weaned off from blended food, for over 1 month, hooray! However, she still doesn’t like to eat chicken meat or any other meat except fish balls, fish paste and steamed fish BUT she has to eat her steamed fish with this special sauce made up of organic soya sauce, olive oil, garlic, shredded ginger and fresh spring onions all stir-fried together. She loves the sauce very much and insists that the bowl of sauce be placed next to her during dinner time everyday. I tried cooking sweet and sour fish or pan-fried fish but nope, she wouldn’t eat the fish and spat them all out. Since she doesn’t eat any other meat, I try to steam fish for her everyday with the special sauce of course.

The special fish sauce that Sherilyn is crazy over.

And this is how Sherilyn eats her dinner everyday. I’ve asked my maid to dilute the sauce with some soup when she cooks it so that it will not be that salty.

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Educational Toy

Sherilyn is good with this toy. During breakfast yesterday, she fixed the shapes puzzle in under 5 minutes without referring to the map. It looks easy to fix but can be quite tricky. Now, I’ve got a new toy to keep Sherilyn occupied whilst I work on my computer as she can spend close to an hour fixing the puzzle over and over again without any signs of getting bored with it.

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Expert In Swallowing Medicine

Sherilyn is now an expert in swallowing her medicine. She used to puke at the sight of medicine whenever she was ill but now, she drinks them like drinking water…. easy peasy, no hassle, no fussing, no crying, no puking (but sometimes she still does puke) BUT there must be at least a slice of cake or some biscuits for her as reward after she has swallowed her medicine.

Notice the plastic bag hanging on the chair? That’s for collecting vomit just in case either of the gals puke. I always have a plastic bag hanging on a chair during meal times.

First, I drink my medicine from the tiny medicine cup.

Then, I put the cup down……

and lastly, I sink my tiny teeth into this soft plain chiffon cake. Hhhmmm…… so nice to fall sick, daddy will surely buy me lots of cakes to eat, hehehe……

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Sherilyn Finally Eats Unblended Food

Yay! Sherilyn has finally been eating unblended food for the last 3 days. As she has been showing signs for the pass few days that she has had enough of blended food coz whenever my maid fed her blended rice with dishes, she gave an expression as if she wanted to puke and kept saying “i dowan blended rice”. So 3 days ago, we gave her unblended food and she was so pleased though she still spat out most of the meat and took almost 2 hours to finish her bowl of food. Only my maid has the patience to sit at the dining table for 2 hours to feed Sherilyn.

Yay… unblended food finally.

I can chew mummy… but I still don’t like meat.

Sherilyn’s meal of rice, steam tofu, vege and ‘tai yi mar kar lui’ (stir-fried melon with chicken breast, dried shrimps and toong fun)

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