Alycia’s 7th Birthday

Yesterday was Alycia’s 7th birthday. We celebrated her birthday in Penang and then had dinner at Secret Recipe Ipoh. Alycia had pestered us to bring her to Moven Peak for buffet steamboat but we were too stuffed with Penang hawker’s food that we had to coax her into going to another restaurant where we could have something light, hence Secret Recipe.  We had a binging session in Penang for 2.5 days and till today I still feel very ‘jai’.

I wonder what Alycia’s birthday wish was before she blew the candles on the cakes. Perhaps it was for her 2 front teeth to quickly show their appearance hehe…

Notice Cassandra has some gray eyeshadow on her left eye?  I shall blog about this later.   She gave my heart another flat line when she tripped and hit her eye on the sharp edge of my drawer *faint*!!

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