Our Xmas Eve Today

We had Wagyu beef steak for dinner just now. Hubby bought a pack of wagyu beef from Pok Brothers Frozen Meat @ Glenmarie Subang today. Pok Brothers specializes in frozen meal, sold at wholesale. Their warehouse is located at Glenmarie. The pack of wagyu beef that hubs bought cost only RM500. Some of you will say “what? ONLY RM500???” But if you had eaten wagyu beef at restaurants and hotels, you will know that a small slice of wagyu steak costs RM100 and above, depending on the category of quality.

What makes wagyu beef so expensive is that the meat is extremely tender, juicy and flavorful. You don’t need any tenderizer or much sauces to pan fry the steak. It is naturally juicy, tender and tasty.  Here’s the wagyu steak that hubs dished out for dinner today:

We also had spaghetti chicken bolognaise and mashed potato…

Stir fried cauliflower, fresh mushrooms, celery with sliced wagyu beef…

The girls enjoying every bite of the wagyu beef….


We spent the whole afternoon at Mid Valley Megamall today. While hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn to watch Rapunzel at the cinema, I went shopping for Xmas gifts with Baby and my helper.

Here are some of the pix taken:

The toy story inspired Xmas decor at Mid Valley Megamall…

Baby waiting to receive her little gift from a Santa Clause…

And yesterday, we spent the whole afternoon at Pavillion:

Tomorrow will be another day of eating, with lots of meat dishes in the menu. Boy, I must wake up earlier tomorrow to work out in the gym. Today I had to skip gym coz the moment I wanted to leave the house for the gym, Baby woke up, followed by #2 and #1, bummer!

Here’s wishing all my blogging pals and blog readers a very merry Xmas and a wonderful 2011!

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