Scary Encounter With A Mentally Challenged Boy – Part 2

Further to my earlier post on my scary encounter with my neighbor’s mentally challenged 10-year old son, I bumped into my neighbor and her son again this morning.  The moment I stepped out of the house, I heard his voice.  I was hoping that the lift door would open quickly and I could go inside first with Cass but the lift arrived late.  We crossed path again, with my heart pounding.  She looked very uneasy bumping into me and she kept looking  at her son and then at me, fearing that her son will  behave rudely and indecently again.   Inside the lift, I stood at the very end with Cass.  B, the boy did not want to stand next to his mum and stood next to me, very closely!  His mother looked very worried and tried hard to strike a conversation with me.  I was very uneasy and worried that B would try to attempt to touch me again, like he tried to the other day.  B’s mother said “Boy, come here” and motioned him to her side. But B would not budge a wee bit.  Suddenly he said “HELLO aunty” to me and gave me a perversive stare.   His mother looked even more worried and her eyes switched from her son to me endless times. Thank God the lift door opened and I quickly bade good bye to B and my neighbor.  Thank God that B did not try to act funny again.   Once we were out from the lift, Cass looked at me and gave me a relief look and smile.  I praised her for not screaming and for acting so calmly.  My girls know that B is mentally challenged and initially Sherilyn and Cass would run away from him as he is very fond of barging into our house whenever he sees the girls.   May God bless that boy and hopefully he will grow up normally without harming anyone.

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