Our Sunday – 25 August 2013 and Making Pesto Sauce

Today is the last weekend that the MIL would be here before she flies off to Hong Kong and New Zealand next week. She will be away for a few months. The girls and I have already listed down the food that we want her to bake / cook for us before she leaves. One of the items is pesto sauce. The basil leaves that I bought last Sunday were all binned as they withered after 3 days. So we set off very early today (to avoid the horrendous Sunday traffic jam) to Cold Storage @ Mid Valley to get basil leaves.

We first had brunch at Hokkaido Ichiban @ Gardens…

And as usual, the foodie hubs ordered so much food that we had to take-away for dinner!

Today Cass and I wore matching outfit and I just had to snap a picture of us together.

In the afternoon, the girls had a great time helping  grandma to make pesto sauce.  In the picture below, Alycia was shaving a block of cheese.  Cass and Sherilyn were draining out water from the basil leaves using a spinner.

The girls also helped to peel garlic skin and Cass later helped grandma to peel stinky beans (petai) skin.

The girls took turns to try out cheese shaving and spinning basil leaves. When Sherilyn tried shaving the cheese block, she shaved off some skin from her finger AGAIN!! Last week she scraped off the skin from her finger whilst peeling cucumber skin. Today, she scraped off her skin AGAIN! She is nicknamed Clumsy Pot and Butter Fingers at home as she drops things and spills drinks most of the time. But I am not stopping her from helping out as I want her to learn to be more careful and to step out from the Clumsy Pot shoes. And the good thing is that though she knows she is clumsy, she still wants to help.

Our 2 jars of precious Pesto sauce, which I think can last us until the mil returns home early of next year. One jar is for immediate consumption and another bottle for deep freezing.

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