Lunch In A Thermos Pot

My multi-colored fried rice is ready and it is 11:30am now.

After frying the rice, I transferred it into my Shuttle Chef Thermos pot before placing the pot into the insulated outer pot to keep the rice warm. My 3 rascals come home from school at different times of the day from 12:30pm, 2pm to 4:30pm, thus, they will have nice and warm food for their tummies, leaving this super busy lazy mummy free from reheating the food 3 times.

The Thermos Shuttle Chef is perfect for busy mothers who only have very little time to cook in the morning. With a Thermos Shuttle Chef, you can prepare your food ahead of time and you can shorten the cooking time. You prepare the food as per normal in the inner pot and bring it up to a boil on a stove top, then simmer for a few minutes to ensure that all the ingredients are at the same boiling temperature. Then you place the inner pot into the outer pot and put the lid on. The outer pot has vacuum-insulated double walls so the food keeps cooking slowly in its own retained heat. Let’s say you start to cook at 6am, by the time you have your dinner at 6pm, the food would have been slowly ‘cooking’ for 12 hours in the Thermos pot. In the morning, you can even prepare your lunch or evening meal to be eaten in the office before you head off, place the pot in the outer container and then store it in an upright position while travelling with complete safety.

It also works equally well to keep food cold and will keep chilled foods under the 5 degrees Celsius, necessary to prevent food poisoning and bacteria from growing. I have yet to try putting cold food in this Thermos pot. We mainly use it to keep our meals, soups and ‘tong sui’ warm.

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