MCO Day 54 ~ 10 May 2020 (Sunday, Mother’s Day)

It certainly doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day today. Ever since I became a mother 17 years ago, Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May revolved around going to some fancy restaurants or hotels for a luxurious Mother’s Day lunch, complete with cakes and gifts. Every single year, except in the year 2009. That was the only year that there was no celebration as I was stuck in the hospital, with no mood for any celebration as Cass’ life was still hanging by a thread with a post-surgery complication.

Hubs was at his shop to prep Mother’s Day lunch boxes for delivery today.  He bought takeaway breakfast for us from our  neighborhood kopitiam hawkers, which recently re-opened. I was so glad when I read from our Taman Facebook Group that they are re-opening again.  He bought char kway teow and prawn noodles. I’ve been patronizing the char kway teow stall for exactly 23 years now and really missed their food throughout the MCO.

By the time I finished drying out the laundry, the prawn noodles and char koay teow were already attacked by the ravenous piranhas and didn’t look as appetizing for a blog-worthy snapshot 😬

Sherilyn cooked dumplings (made by the girls yesterday) in wakame egg soup for lunch.

And added a side of crunchy radish Kimchi for a more Korean twist to our lunch.

My sole Mother’s Day gift is from Sherilyn, who used her competition winnings to give me a treat of my favorite Matcha Latte from Niko Neko Matcha, which she ordered online. She also ordered coffee beans online to gift her grandma who’s a coffee lover.

Cass has exhausted all her savings for my birthday angpow in March and has zero savings now with no pocket money now as school’s been out for almost 2 months; but she gave me a massage at bedtime 👩‍❤️‍👩.

Sherilyn made my favorite egg custard too but this time, the custard is a tad firm. She said she accidentally used too much eggs. It’s really the thought that counts and I ate them 🥰

Egg custard with her homemade passion fruit sauce.

Hubs ordered chicken rice (free range chicken) from Loke Yun Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Ampang, delivered to us by Lalamove.  Loke Yun was the recipient of “2007 Malaysia TOP 10 Hainan Chicken Rice King” and “The Best Poached Chicken Rice 2008”.  Hubs first tasted Loke Yun’s poached free-range chicken a week ago when his gourmand friend brought some to his shop in their almost daily food-exchange session.

Lok Yun’s homemade chili sauce leans towards spicy (which is too spicy for my liking), and when combined with the homemade piquant ginger dip, adds a punch to the chicken rice experience.  The rice is fluffy and fragrant with subtle ginger aroma.  I find the chicken meat a tad ‘tough’, which is a common feature in free-range chickens. I am not really a chicken lover and if I have to like a chicken dish, it has to be either roast, grilled, minced, stewed or fried. My lazy jaws find it too tiring and achy to chew tough free-range chicken meat with ‘muscles’ haha!  But my gourmand or rather gourmet hubs who is a sucker for poached free-range chicken, enjoyed every bit of the chicken.

Char Siew, Siew Yoke, stir-fried veggies and stuffed tofu pok were from Sing Kee Kitchen, our favorite tai chow restaurant.  The flowers were compliments from RT Bakery.

Alycia, my chicken feet lover, devoured the braised claws from Loke Yun the moment she saw them 😱.  Animal feet and innards are never my kind of food.

Mother’s Day cake for the two mothers at home.

By the time we finished dinner and cleaned up, it was way past 9 p.m. and all the health freaks at home unanimously agreed to only eat the cake tomorrow… which made hubs roll his eyes and say “then what’s the purpose of buying this cake for Mother’s Day? Might as well just get you some regular cakes tomorrow!”    Yeah, he made a good point. But the problem with this MCO is that every single night, there’s so much washing and cleaning to do post-dinner that we have no more mood for cake-cutting, candle-blowing and photography. Photography also means having to change to clean pretty clothes but when I’m all drenched in sweat in my shabby house attire with hair clipped and tied up, I have no mood to transform for a 10-minute photography and then continue with mopping the floor and scrubbing greasy kitchen stove. Bleh 🥴

I only get to enjoy this delish softy, spongy cake layered with light and fresh cream and fruits after jogging the next day.

On Mother’s Day today, our Prime Minister announced that the Conditional MCO (CMCO) will be extended by another 4 weeks, ending 9 June 2020!  I’m pretty used to this New Normal lifestyle by now and expected to hear that in the PM’s Speech this afternoon.  Besides having a massive reduction in our household income throughout the MCO,  being overwhelmed by the occasional cabin fever, frustration, meltdowns and temper flareups, I think there are some pros to being forced into a massive timeout. It’s good to have a reboot in your life.

How was your lockdown Mother’s Day? I hope you had a blast with your family.😊

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