Why You Hit Me… I Am Your Baby Sister!

During a fight between rascal #2 and #3 just now, rascal #2 hit #3.   And rascal #3 gave me a big surprise when she said this to her jie jie : “hey….why you hit me?  I am your baby sister!”  Baby must have heard me saying this to her 2 jie jies every now and then : “don’t let your baby sister see you eating  ice-cream”.  Whenever there are things that I do not want Baby to know when I tell her sisters or to anyone in the family, I will not mention her name or would say it bombastically when she’s in front of us.  But I am amazed that Baby actually comprehends what’s going on…. and she’s only 2yrs 3 months.  She is definitely going to out-smart all of us very soon!  Way to go Baby sister!

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