First Day Of School – 2 Jan 2018

For the first time, Cass was a tad reluctant to go back to school after her 5-week break. She lamented that homework is what stresses her out the most and she hates lining up for assembly in the hall every Monday. I know her other reason is the fact that she’s now in senior primary and remains in the top class, which gives her a great amount of pressure to excel. Other than that, she was excited to meet her besties again.

Alycia will be sitting for her PT3 and UEC exams this year.  But this girl is not much bothered or stressed out over the exams.  Alycia wasn’t too enthusiastic about going back to school too as her best friend has left this school for an international school. I hope Alycia will buckle up and pull her socks up as her grades have only been mediocre since she started high school.  This year is going to be tough and tougher as the countdown now begins to PT3 and UEC.  Also, the school sent out a notice on the first day of school notifying students that they will be asked to leave the school should they score an average grade of 60 and below 😵😱

Drama Queen’s new chapter begins on 2 Jan 2018.  She is in Form 1 this year. For the next two years, her school session is in the afternoon.  She appeared to be in a jovial mood when she got home on the first day of school, which is a positive sign that she’s starting to like the school, new friends and the whole new learning experience of studying in Malay vs. Chinese., albeit she told me that she finds it tough, for a beginner.  For 6 years, she studied in Chinese for all the subjects except for English and BM.  But I am confident that with daily practice, she will master BM.

On the first day of school, papa taught Drama Queen how to tie her school neck tie. She has never done this before. In primary school, the neck tie that she wore is readily tied.

Two days before school reopened, mum helped to sew badges onto the pinafores for Drama Queen and Alycia using the sewing machine.

I am totally hopeless in the sewing department. I don’t even know how to operate a sewing machine but thank God for wonderful grand parents for our girls, my tailoring problems have almost always been solved.

How has the first week of school been for you?  I hope it has been a walk in the park but if it’s not, take heart that soon, things will fall into place and you can then call your daily life a ROUTINE once again 👍💪

Happy weekend everyone 💗

Precious Bonding Moments

Precious bonding moments pictures of the girls  with my parents and younger brother during my mum’s 69th birthday celebration in KL last week (18 – 20 September 2015)…

The girls played Monopoly with their koong koong for 3 hours on Sunday!  2 hours in the afternoon and 1 hour after we came back from dinner.



Cass with Roy kau fu (my younger brother)…

Koong koong brought them to the pool area to play  lantern on Saturday night…

Playing lantern by the pool – only a doting grandfather would do this at 10ish pm!


And accompanied the girls to Borders to shop for books …



Cass with her best buddy. That’s what she calls her granny and my mum calls Cass honey bunny 🙂

On the day that my parents were to return to Ipoh, Cass was in a very foul and crabby mood  in the morning as she dreaded the day that she had to bid goodbye to them.  She pleaded with her koong koong and granny not to go back to Ipoh.  She hugged her best buddy and refused to let go of her…

Till we meet again in November dearest papa and mummy. The girls and I can’t wait to see you and spend our holiday in Penang together again!  Cass is already counting down to the days 🙂 🙂


Doting Koong Koong

Some pictures of my doting and helpful 71-year old dad, helping to carry Cass’ backpack and door gift bag on her graduation day at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre last Saturday…





And he wore the backpack for hours, even when we crossed over to Sunway Pyramid mall for shopping and until we returned home that night!


The power of love conquers everything, even  mocking stares and giggles from strangers! Thank you papa for being a wonderful papa and koong koong!




Grandma’s Back

A month flew past us like a gust of wind and grandma’s back from Hawaii two days ago…. with lotsa goodies as usual 😀

The girls look  forward to ransacking grandma’s huge suit cases upon her return from overseas each time to dig for  ‘treasure’!!

And they fished out lotsa treasures from within the heavy suit cases that grandma lugged back…

 photo Hawaii1_zpsaa8309ab.jpg


GAP hoodie jackets, GAP tees, GAP pants, colorful Aloha bags that Sarah ku ku (my SIL) hand made for them, seashells from the shores of Hawaii and….

…. lotsa macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, pine nuts and chocolates.  Omaigawd, so much goodies to eat! I’m going to have to push myself even harder in the gym now! We still have lotsa chocs that grandma brought back from New Zealand and Hong Kong early this year and now there is a new supply  :O

 photo Hawaii3_zps5d0c166e.jpg


 photo Hawaii2_zps5461179f.jpg



Here’s wishing Sarah ku ku thank you very much for all the goodies 


Video Skyping With Granny

My parents spoil the girls rotten. My girls know it and they take advantage of goong goong and granny’s indulgence by badgering them for things all the time. Now, they do it through Skype video call! Their latest craze is Smurfs and the ever indulgent granny bought the girls each a very cute Smurfs t-shirt.

Granny showing the girls the Smurfs tees that she had bought for them…

Goong goong bought Alycia, my mechanical pencil craze girl one whole box of mechanical pencils. My jaw dropped when I saw the box of mechanical pencils! I had to keep those pencils under lock and key, lest this girl distributes them to her friends like an early Santarina. She has a tendency to give away things to her friends without my permission.

And my mum tempting me with the bottles of pandan kaya that she had made for us.

My parents have been here with us for a week now and very soon we have to say good-bye to them as they will be returning to Ipoh 🙁

Happy Sunday everyone peeps! It’s going to be long day for us as we will all be attending Sherilyn’s pre school concert and graduation today.

Swimming With Koong Koong

When my dad was here last week, the girls jumped on the opportunity of having an indulgent koong koong around. Sherilyn who is an opportunist brought koong koong down to the mini market and made koong koong buy her junk food and a whole bag of ice creams! She is going to be a gold-digger in future! Alycia who loves swimming, pestered koong koong to bring her down for a dip. And guess how long the dip in the pool was? A whole 2 hours til their skin became wrinkled and ‘chlorinxicated’ when they got up!

Me, I had some peaceful time at home while the kids were away and was the sleuth who snapped their pix at the pool from the 5th floor…..

Can you guess who is who in the pool?

Having Fun With Koong Koong

When my mum and dad were here last week, the girls had a lot of fun and bonding time with them. My dad who used to be very strict with us is an indulgent koong koong who loves to spoil the girls. Here are some heart warming moments the girls had with koong koong:

Alycia sipping koong koong’s red wine and said “hmmmmm, iLike it”!

Baby monkeying koong koong with her hat….

And koong koong preparing to bring Baby for a walk round the neighborhood after walking Sherilyn to school.

Today is my dad’s birthday and I would like to wish him a very very happy birthday papa. May God bless you with many, many, many more happy birthdays and bless you with good health always.

Bedtime Stories With Granny

My 3 girls LOVE going to their koong koong and granny’s in Ipoh. When they are back in Ipoh, they are spoilt rotten by the ever indulgent grandparents. My dad, he will bring the girls to buy ice-creams, chocolates, junk food and bring them for walks by the hill side to see the old mother goose (which they love, though they were often chased by it!) monkeys and horses. They look forward to cycling on their bicycles and playing in the wading pool. My mum, she will make them kaya, jams, bread, pies, cakes, cookies and do many fun activities with them. One of the activities is reading bedtime stories.

They love being in Ipoh so much that they refused to follow us to Penang during the school holidays recently. My hubs, mum and I had to persuade and bribe Alycia to follow us to Penang!

A tender moment – my mum reading a story book to the girls before bedtime.

Alycia And Sherilyn’s Pedicure and Manicure

That’s how ‘tarn’ (relaxed) Alycia and Sherilyn are having mah mah giving them personalized in-house manicure and pedicure! I wish I could have in-house manicure and pedicure too while I lie down and have some shut-eye!  That’s going to be so ‘song’ (nice) !!

Check out Baby behind her 2 jie jies lying down and waiting for mah mah to ‘service’ her too, hahahahahahaha!!

Later, my 2 brats brought some cushions and bolster to make themselves more comfortable, with Baby following suit!

I’d like to wish all my readers and customers of my online store a very, very blessed and happy new year. I wish the year 2010 will be a better year for everyone!

Baby Is Alycia’s Best Friend… And Last Week’s Loot

Alycia is VERY possessive of Baby. She will get upset and furious if Sherilyn gets too close to Baby! Everyday, she will bug me to allow her to get into the playpen to play with Baby, hug her and kiss her. The way she hugs Baby is just like how she hugs her dolls or a puppy.  She always tells me that Baby is her best friend and treats her like her possession, muahahahaha! And Baby absolutely adores her jie jie too. If there is one night that I forbid her from going into the playpen to hug, kiss or play with Baby, she would go to bed with a grumpy and black face, fretting and grumbling away until she falls asleep.

I sure hope she will always love Baby the way she loves Baby now.

And this is last week’s ice-cream loot from mah mah: