Cassandra’s 6th Post Operation Ultrasound Scan – 30 Nov 2012

Today Cass went for her 6th post surgery ultrasound scan of her kidneys and urinary tract.  As the hubs drove into GMC Penang and as I brought Cass into the X-Ray Dept, once again I relived the nightmares of May 2009.  The faces of the nurses and technicians who were on duty during those days and were still on duty today made the haunt even more real!  The nurses in the X-Ray Dept still remembered me… the hopeless mother who accompanied her baby into the different rooms for different scans and procedures for half a dozen of times that month. *long gasp*

I still felt nervous and anxious thought I had gone through this many times with Cass. All the what-ifs kept teasing me in my head. I dared not ask the doctor who did the scan on the progress of Cass’ kidneys and ureters.  I waited patiently yet impatiently until my appointment with Dr N about half an hour later.

Photo: She waited impatiently whilst I waited anxiously. My very brave baby girl and what kept her positive and in an upbeat mood was the lollipop reward from Dr N! lol!

Photo: 6th post surgery ultrasound scan  All looks A ok!

Scan report showed all is A OK.  Her right kidney is growing well and dilation has been reduced.  The only thing that we need to work on is to get her ‘lazy bladder’  ‘dilligently working’ like any bladder should.   So my resolution for 2013 is to fully potty train Cass, which is going to be lots of hard work ahead, not to mention tons of patience  *looooong gasp* again. Wish us luck! 🙂

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