Our X’mas Eve – 23 Dec 2012

We had dinner at Han Room @ Gardens Mid Valley with some good friends on X’mas Eve 2012.  After dinner, we adjourned to Fresca Mexican Kitchen just opposite Han Room to have some drinks. But the hubs being the foodie that he is, ordered more food, juice for the girls and alcoholic drinks for the adults *BURPS*!

We ordered some tortillas and Quesadilla, which were really very tasty.  I could not believe it that after stuffing ourselves so full at Han Room complete with desserts (we tried almost all the desserts that were available at Han Room!), we could still stomach so much food and drinks!

When Alycia saw the waiter removing  2 gigantic Mexican hats from the wall for other patrons to wear and snap pix, she, too requested the waiter to hand over the hat to her. It’s her first time donning on a Mexican hat.

My new toy from the hubs for X’mas!  It’s a Nikon mini DSLR and something that I have wanted for a long time 🙂  The size is just right — not too bulky and heavy (a regular size DSLR can weigh a few kgs) and can be stashed inside my big handbag.  Now, I’ve got to steal some time to watch the instructions in CD or read it from the manual and this is something which I don’t quite fancy.  I just wish someone could help me read it and teach me how to use it haha!

Cassandra’s Xmas gift – a kid’s nail art set, which she could not wait to try it on…

… with the help from both her che ches.  Girls’ play, how very nice.  But the fake nails were oversized for my baby girl’s nails and looked really hilarious that I laughed each time I saw her finger nails and toe nails.

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