Baby C’s Post Surgery – Day 3

Friday, 8 May 09 marked the 3rd day of Baby C’s post surgery day. On the 2nd day post surgery, I noticed that her left hand (i.e. the hand which had the IV line on) was a tad puffy. I thought it was just the baby fat on her hand, like lotus roots. However, the next day, the lotus root hand ballooned up. I told the surgeon and he ordered that the IV line be removed… and another line be fixed… on her right hand this time. Poor poor baby, had to endure further torture! My poor baby was so weak (from all the puking and not having eaten or drank anything for 4 days) that all that she could muster was a feeble kitten-like cry when the doctor poked her hand.

Baby C’s puffed up left hand.

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