Not Raring To Go Home

Our loot from Penang and Ipoh, all lined up on the floor of the living room at my parents, waiting to be loaded into the car boot.  We bought so much stuff that hub’s car boot was filled almost to the top!  Not in the pix were 4 packs of diapers (super cheap in Ipoh Tesco) and 3 huge suit cases.

Did I tell you that my Princess Wannabe quietly put all her pretty dresses into her mah mah’s suitcase and placed it together with our suitcases at the door entrance before we left for KL?  No one realized that and I had already packed her clothes into our extra large suitcase. Daddy conveniently loaded her suitcase into the car boot.  We only realized it on our way to Ipoh.  And this fella ended up having like more than 20 outfits to change (mostly dresses)!!  She’s is SOOOOOO vain!!

Baby ain’t too happy to return to KL. She just sat on the floor and refused to give us her usual cheerful grin whenever we snap her pix. Notice her new hairstyle? I brought her to the cheapest place in Ipoh for a hair cut and my mum insisted that the hairdresser cut it shorter. Now, it’s too short boo hoo hoo 🙁  And guess who wasn’t too happy that Baby’s hair is so short and said that she lost her cuteness without the long curly locks? Guess, guess, guess… but no prize for guessing it right lar.

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Missed The Boat Again

I missed the boat again. My mum had informed me about 2 months back that the Sukuk bonds were up for grabs and had kept reminding me to purchase them. As usual, I was too caught up with work that I had totally forgotten about it. That’s the third time I had missed the money boat. The interest return at 5% is pretty attractive as opposed to 2.5% interest rate for FD (fixed deposit). Perhaps I should now buy gold eagle coins instead of leaving my moolah in the FD to grow at such miserable returns. I am pretty keen in the gold eagle coins as they are the only buillion coins with the guarantee and backing of the United States Government.  They are also accepted in major investment markets worldwide.

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