Lizards And Roaches Trap

Warning! If you freak out and get the creeps at the sight of those cold, ‘geli’ reptiles, do not scroll down k.

With just 1 trap, I managed to trap 4 lizards that had been leaving behind their poop everywhere on my kitchen table tops for the past year….

Told yer, this sight is indeed GROSS ya!!

Very effective lizards and roaches trap which cost only RM6++ for a box of 5 traps.

And I discovered that lizards are smart creatures too! After trapping over 6 lizards over a period of 3 nights, a baby lizard knew that the trap would cost it its live if it creeps into the box. I saw a baby lizard on the wall next to the box staring at the box with its family members trapped inside… but it just did not go near the box.

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