Post Operation MAG3 Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the day. The day that I have been dreading for almost 2 years. Exactly 2 years ago, we were preparing for Baby’s surgery, which was held on 5 May 2009, the day that I will never forget. After an eventful stay in the hospital for 3 weeks where Baby was cut up twice, we were told that she will need to do another MAG3 scan 2 years post surgery to see the kidney function and flow of urine again. Though the 1st MAG3 scan 2 years ago showed that the dilated right kidneys on both moities were functioning well and the post operation MCUG scan showed no more kidney reflux, I am nevertheless worried, very very worried of all the ‘what ifs?’

Wish me luck. My motherly instinct tells me that Baby would behave well tomorrow during the procedure. I have promised Baby a big big rainbow ice cream and ‘wolipop’ if she does not cry. Wish us luck. Cassandra needs lots of luck and prayers for a smooth sailing and yell-free session during the insertion of the IV line on her hand, a fuss-free, cry-free, yell-free and whine-free half an hour when the procedure is on-going in the procedures room of the hospital. I pray that she will lie still for the half an hour when the radioactive dye is injected and goes round the urinary tract so that clear pictures can be captured. The procedure will be unsuccessful if she moves and struggles and probably will cost double if it has to be repeated. It costs over RM2K for a procedure and this is not claimable from our insurer.

I hate the thought of donning on the heavy, armor-look like long vest to protect myself against radiation while I am with my baby in the room. And I dislike being in the cancer center of a hospital. It makes me feel very down when I see cancer patients.

to be continued….

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