Cassandra’s Post Operation MAG3 Scan

Baby’s post operation MAG3 scan of her urinary tract went almost without a hitch on Friday. My motherly instinct was right. Baby was very, very, very brave for she did not let out any cry or whine during the 20-minute IV insertion session on her hand. First the doctor poked her hand with the IV needle but later discovered that it was not properly done and had to remove the line. The IV site on her hand bled quite a bit. The doctor then took 15 more minutes to look for another vein. She had to find a straight vein so that the radioactive dye can go into her veins and into her kidneys and urinary tract. Wavy veins are not suitable and Baby seems to have many wavy, branchy veins. This also explained why her surgeon needed over an hour to find a proper vein during her surgery 2 years ago. Anyway, Baby just lay on the bed, all wrapped up like a mummy and she did not move a bit and throughout the 20-minute ordeal, just let out a soft whimper and grimaced in pain when the doctor poked the IV needle into her hand the 2nd time. She appeared scared but was very very good and quiet. I don’t think any 3YO child or probably adult would remain this calm, quiet and still during such a scary and painful moment. All my mental prep for her for the past 4 months had been successful. Even the doctor was very surprised that a toddler could remain so calm, composed and quiet in such a terrifying moment.

A happy Cassandra moments before the IV-insertion session…

My brave cookie lay as still as a sleeping child on the bed, all wrapped up tightly like a mummy but there wasn’t a cry, a fuss or a whine from her. My presence made a big difference.

Our initial plan with the doctor was that we would not use any sedative on her. But the radiologist strongly encouraged oral sedative so that Baby would not move or chicken out during the procedure. If this happens, the procedure has to be called off and we would need to bring her in again on some other days. And we would even have to pay double. Each procedure costs over RM1,500, excluding doctor’s fees and miscellaneous charges.

And here she is, with daddy bribing her with her favorite Magnum ice cream. She almost puked twice but thank GOD she didn’t. I think it also takes a strong mind to control the vomiting. When Baby was on the verge of puking, I told her sternly that she would need to swallow another dose of meds if she vomited… and she tried very hard to restrain the vomiting. After I had finished feeding her with the 1st dose of the sedation meds (2 doses were needed actually), I told the radiologist to allow me to lull her to sleep. Fortunately she konked out very quickly as I kept chanting to Baby that she had to sleep so that we could quickly go home. See how cooperative my little trooper was!

MAG3 scan in progress, which lasted 40 mins from the moment the radioactive dye was injected thru the IV line until it enters the bladder.

Left kidney and urinary tract perfect function. Right dilated duplex urinary tract and kidneys – functioning pretty well, no reflux and no blockage. I pray that this will be Cassandra’s very last MAG3 scan and last ever procedure she has to go through, apart from the yearly ultrasound scan of her kidneys until she turns 12YO. Thank you Lord, Amen.

Pictures are not very clear as they were taken with my Blackberry and sent from the phone to my Facebook and then from FB copied and pasted to my blogspot blog to be re-sized before transferring them here.

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