Cassandra Says The Darndest Things

We were in a hurry to go to Ikea yesterday morning to claim my monthly reward, which I get from blogging for Ikea. We wanted to leave the house early to beat the peak hour traffic jam. After I had prepared her, this rascal dug out some old play dough and was rolling the dirty play dough with her clean hands. I snapped at her as I didn’t want her to get herself dirty, which meant I had to wash her hands again… and we were already running late. I was nagging away and then…

Baby – mummy, can I have a minute please?

Me – why do you want a minute? (I was surprised that my almost-4-YO girl could speak so eloquently!)

Baby – I want to talk to you. (and she said this with such politeness and gentleness in her voice that I could feel my heart melting!)

Me – ok say…

Baby – I got that play dough from Sunday School. The Sunday School teacher gave me that play dough.

Me – it’s ok. Next time, let me know before you play with play dough ok?

Baby – OK!

Me – where did you learn how to say “can I have a minute?”

Baby – from Strawberry Shortcake, hehe…

So watching cartoon ain’t that bad after all. Yes I do agree that too much TV viewing can be detrimental, but with proper supervision on the type of programs and limited hours per day, it ain’t that bad after all, well at least for my girls. They learned their ABCs,123s, nursery rhymes, first words and picked up many new words through the not-so idiotic box 😀

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9 thoughts on “Cassandra Says The Darndest Things

  1. She’s so cute and such a fast learner. I actually encourage my P to watch cartoons (but like you said, selective ones), nowadays many cartoons actually teachers moral, manners and facts compared to cartoons our days 🙂

  2. very true. P says things like

    COME ON, are you kidding me?
    and in fact, stup*d and f*** too. and I stopped n reprimanded him. Some of them from you-tubing

  3. He he… I like the way she explained about the PlayDough. My girl is going thru this phase too. If I reprimand her about something, she goes all out to explain why she needs to do it and why it is ok. Half of the time, it does make sense!

  4. Kids always learn from what they watched daily, inclusing TV programmes and therefore, I always restrict my boy to watch either the Disney Junior, Xiao Tai Yang or all the National Geographic channels and nothing else. Even Wah Lai Toi, he can only watch his favourite ‘Ah Beng’ that was on weekends.

  5. Yes I agree with on this. We are speaking Chinese at home. Surprisingly my girls have quite good command of English in terms of vocabs and words. All thanks to Astro 613, 615 and 616.

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