Out Of Her Dilly Dallying Habit Now!

For the past 1 week, rascal #2 has been getting herself ready for school pretty early. Her daily morning daydreaming and dilly dallying have been reduced significantly and I do not need to help wash her up, dress her up or to comb her hair every morning anymore!! And the source of what motivates her is ?? Well, some old newspapers! Alycia and Sherilyn’s school has this ‘sell old newspapers to raise funds’ long-term project where all the students are encouraged to bring old newspapers to school for the project. The student who brings the most old newspapers in the class will get a small token of appreciation.  Whenever she dilly dallies and gets late preparing herself for school, she will have NO newspapers for the school!  And if she can get herself ready early, she will get a big bag of old newspapers from me!   And this is what motivates her!  Also  she wants to have her hair kept long – I told her that if she can proof to me that she can get herself ready for school early every morning without my help, she shall have her long locks!  Something that is so simple and inexpensive can bring my 7YO girl out of her hardcore dilly dallying habit, that’s something that I ought to be proud of and I have been praising her and encouraging her non-stop to keep up her good behavior. But do you know who’s the new little Miss Dilly Dally in the house now?

My Princess wannabe in her ballet character skirt, which she loves to bits!

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8 thoughts on “Out Of Her Dilly Dallying Habit Now!

  1. It’s great that you found a way to motivate her. I guess when we first had babies, we didn’t expect that mothers needed to be creative and a great motivator for our kids to behave and have good habits.

  2. way to go, Sherilyn … what is the token of appreciation?? something Sherilyn like?

    Can you get me a piece of that ballet skirt? My girl would love it. Can twirl and twirl!!

  3. Congrats mommy! It’s a great start to disciplining Sherilyn! 🙂

    It wasn’t difficult, don’t you think? The key to searching for the right disciplining method for your child is through observation. Observe your child carefully and you will know her character & personality more in depth and you can use it to your biggest advantage by changing the way you used to discipline her and knowing the right method to use when it comes to disciplining.

    Hard approach only work for some but when it comes to the rest of the kids, a softer & fun approach comes in handy for you as the mother & for Sherilyn as a child. You won’t have to resort to scoldings & shoutings just to make her listen to you and Sherilyn don’t have to worry about you scolding her almost everyday. Everyday scoldings & shoutings might not have an effect now on her but in the future, it might impact and it all depends on the child’s personality. If she is those who doesn’t take these scoldings & shoutings to heart, then you are safe but if she is those who are extra sensitive, then you might wanna worry.

    As for Baby C, she is probably under the influence of Sherilyn since she was previously with her at home most of the time and she probably has watched how her sister behaves & probably want to follow. It might be a temporary effect but it might also affect Baby C in a negative way meaning she might just follow her 2nd sister and give you a hard time. But meanwhile, do observe her and you might be able tell her personality to see if it is was just a mimic or if she has already picked up from Sherilyn.

    You might pamper Baby C the most but be careful to not over do it cos then it might have a negative impact on Baby. She might take advantage of the situation and give you a difficult time or she might be a good girl and not give you trouble at all. But overall she might be still too young to tell if she is going to turn up to be like Sherilyn or Alycia.

    One last thing to note is plse do not ever make empty promises to your child. Children are very sensitive and they should never be disappoint. Keep your promises small & within your means and always make sure you fulfill it. Your plan will backfire once disappointment sets in.

    Always ensure that you use the correct method of disciplining your child & do change to another approach if it doesn’t work out. Cos any two child is never the same.

    Good luck and continue to keep up the good progress.

    Cheers! 🙂

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