Cocky Maid

Crap of the day from the drama queen part-time maid today…

She called me this morning to inform me that she would like to start work again. I told her that I have already found a new part-time maid. Nonetheless, I will still be calling her whenever the new part-time maid takes leave. I then asked her if she’d like to work today (Saturday). I don’t normally engage part-time maids for the weekends. But I know that this maid is desperately in need of money to pay her pile of debts in Indonesia and I wanted to help her earn more money. But this fella had to cheek to ask me whether washing shoes is still part of the chores!!  Of course it is! If I can do it myself, I won’t be engaging her to help me! I pay my part-time maids RM800 a month.

She had the cheek to tell me this “saya take suka cuci kasut. Cuci kasut sangat susah payah la. Kalau mau cuci kasut, saya tak mau kerja”

Translated from BM to English: I don’t like to wash shoes. Washing shoes is very difficult.  If you want me to wash shoes, I don’t want to work.

WTF??? I. could. not. believe. my. ears.!!  Not that I am asking her to wipe the windows on the ledge of the windows from the 5th floor!

From day 1, she has been pleading with me to let her work. In fact, she forced her niece, who is my most liked part-time maid, to stop working for me so that  she could take the job to repay her debts.  She was literally begging me for work and told me that she could do anything and could work on any day that I wanted her to. And now, barely 2 months later, she has turned around 360 degrees into a cocky and picky-picky play-hard-to-get maid.

Fine, you can very well drown in your pile of shitty debts la.  If I have a choice, I will never ever call you to work again. And hello, you still owe me money! The money that I gave you to see a doctor last week.

But I did not say that to her. I don’t want to burn my bridge yet knowing very well that it’s the maids’ market now and it’s dang hard to find a part-time maid now.

I just ended the call abruptly by telling her that  I will call her if ever need her again.

I still can’t believe that she said such things to me.

Moral of the story is: don’t be overly nice to anyone and do not let your staff / worker / maid feel  that they are indispensable. They will one day turn back and climb up your head and control you!!

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