Working From Home And Nursing My Sick Baby Back To Good Health

On days when I feel like I a minnow at home caring for 3 kids who are unappreciative and disobedient, I could feel myself corroding with regret – for quitting the job that I loved 10 years ago.  The job paid me very well, complete with enviable perks and status.

It was only when Cass fell sick last Monday that I realized how lucky I am that I could be with her 24 hours a day, caring for her and nursing her back to the pink of health.  For mothers who hold a full-time job, they will need to apply for emergency leave. If their application for leave gets rejected, they will have no choice but to take no-pay-leave to tend to their kids.  I had gone through all these when I was  working full-time.  As I have the advantage to stay home to monitor Cass’ fever and to self-treat her last week, I have saved a lot of money from expensive pediatrician fees and medication.

When Cass’ temperature hovered above 40 degrees Celsius for 2 days early last week, I told the hubby that if the fever did not subside, he had to be prepared to fork out another RM200-RM300 to our pediatrician at Pantai Medical Center. This hospital is well-known for exorbitant charges (thus it’s called ‘tai park sar‘ in Cantonese. Or big shark – translated into English. A shark eats you up and having to pay exorbitant bills is akin to being eaten up by a shark!) but we have no choice. My most trusted pediatrician whom Cass has been seeing since she was an infant is now attached to this hospital.

Thank God I managed to self-treat Cass with hydrogen water and some home remedies and her high fever was brought down on the 3rd day. Thanks to Izumio, it has not failed me again!

It Was Influenza!

When Cass was burning with fever last week, I was worried sick and wondered what was wrong with her as she had NO symptoms of cough, flu, sore throat or UTI pain. What worried me the most was that she was listless, slept all day and had zilch appetite. Many things crossed my mind, including dengue and cancer.   It was only later, after receiving Whatsapp messages from Cass’ classmates’ mothers and checking with Google that I realized that Cass had Influenza. I am still not sure if she had Influenza A or B as both the ailments have similar symptoms.

On another note, there have been Whatsapp messages circulating that a few schools in the Klang Valley have outbreaks of Influenza A and Influenza B. The affected students have been quarantined.

These are the symptoms that Cass displayed when she had high fever last week:

High fever hovering at 40.3 degrees Celsius for the first 2 days.
On the 3rd day, fever was hovering between 39 – 40 degrees Celsius
Pain on head, chest, eye balls and body on first two days.
Loss of appetite and stomach discomfort. Thank God no nausea.
Diarrhea when fever subsided (around 4th day).
Stomach pain when fever was almost subsiding (around 3-4th day)
Blood shot eyes resulting from the fever
When the fever subsided completely, the flu came! She had runny nose with thick goo, dry throat and mucous for 3 days.

I am so glad that Alycia and Sherilyn did not succumb to the virulent bugs responsible for Cass and the hubby’s ailments. It must be the carotenoids supplement that they are popping (and occasional Izumio) that’s guarding their body.  Sherilyn and Alycia who both have history of never ending throat problems with phlegm have not had any bad breakouts of throat infection and flu ever since they started consuming Super Lutein.

Both Cass and hubby fell sick at the same time. And they swapped sleeping places at night. Poor hubby had to sleep on a mattress in the living room and Cass slept next to me so that I could sponge her throughout the night.

Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies. It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruits and vegetables that one could never eat in a day.

I have tried umpteen times to coax Cass to swallow or chew Super Lutein but this girl just can’t seem to do it. After puking the last time she tried to swallow the capsule, I gave up. It is time for me to get her to try again, to strengthen her immune system.

I noticed that since November last year, Cass’ immune system is slightly weakened. In November last year, she was hospitalized for 1 week for UTI. She was given 1 week of strong antibiotics via IV and another 1 week of oral antibiotics. I try not to resort to antibiotics unless the ailment is life threatening and my daughter is in great pain.  Antibiotics are known to have negative side effects on one’s body. It kills the bad and good bacteria altogether and wrecks havoc internally.  Bacteria eventually become resistant to it. Your body becomes weakened and you succumb to bugs easily, thus fall sick easily.

In addition to Izumio, I am also giving Cass unsweetened yoghurt with life probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in her guts.

Today is exactly a week since the high fever and Cass is 100% healed. Even the thick mucous /phlegm that came along with the post-fever flu is gone! Thank God!!

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  1. It is a great relieve that Cass has recovered fully. Working from Home mum is the best job, able to take care of the children’s needs and take care of your own business at the same time.

    1. Hi Agnes, and the bonus and perks that we get are not monetary, but the advantage of being able to spend quality time with our kids 🙂

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