Sherilyn’s Grade 1 Ballet Exam – 2nd Trial

We dedicated half our Saturday yesterday to Sherilyn and accompanied her to the ballet studio for the 2nd trial of her Grade 1 ballet exam. The studio was pretty far from where we stay and the journey itself clocked up to almost an hour, both ways. My childhood friend SF and her daughter Mel car pooled with us. Mel and Sherilyn have been friends ever since they knew how to babble – they went to the same kindy, same tuition centre, same ballet school and learn swimming together at our condo now.

After watching how my rascal danced, I am pretty convinced that ballet/dancing is her forte! She just needs some reminders from me every now and then to practice her movements though.

At the changing room, getting ready…

Sherilyn doing a solo Poca dance…

The 3 ballerinas putting on their character skirt and shoes …

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10 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Grade 1 Ballet Exam – 2nd Trial

  1. CL, yes. I hope she’ll excel in it.

    Sheoh Yan and Rachel, I will only record it in camcorder during the actual exam in May

    Adrine, yes she was pretty confident. This girl is not the type who will get nervous easily. She’s bold and daring 😀

  2. So cool that you can watch her dance from outside. Ballet studios are getting more parent friendly 🙂 I wish my T1 would do ballet *sigh* I saw a few girls wearing the same skirt above at Publika the other day and I knew they were off for ballet exams because of your earlier post!

    Sher loves dancing. Such a natural!

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