Would You Pay RM2 To Use A Premium Toilet

Would you pay RM2 to use a premium toilet? When we were at KLCC last Saturday, we were looking for a toilet and stumbled upon this premium toilet located at the same level as Chinoz. As we can still ‘hold’ our bladder, I told my girls that we should hunt for another toilet. Paying RM2 to use the loo is a bit ludicrous I think, unless I really cannot ‘tahan’ anymore, then I would have no other choice but to bite the bullet, dig that RM2 of mine and dart straight inside and remain there for half enjoy to enjoy all the ‘benefits’ haha!

Would you pay RM2 to use a premium loo, which supposedly smells nicer?

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11 thoughts on “Would You Pay RM2 To Use A Premium Toilet

  1. i think it is ridiculous to pay rm2 for a premium toilet. hmm..perhaps some ppl may since they are ‘higher class’ and don’t want to share the toilet with the rest of the common ppl? first of all, i wonder why would the shopping malls like KLCC and Gardens create such a thing?

  2. I would so pay as the non-premium ones are so wet and yucky! I thought it was RM3 at KLCC. Even at the Pavilion, the “regular” toilets were sooo eeks! I could not believe it!! To “Mommy”, premium is still shared, just not so slimey and stinky! I do recall at Lot 10 we had to pay 50sen and it was still yucky and charged another 20sen for tissue! And it was exact change too!
    I also had an unpleasant experience at MegaMall “public” toilets…people don’t respect the queue…lady came from behind and just plowed ahead of me! I yelled at her, but she didn’t care!

  3. I used to frequent the RM5 premium toilet at the Gardens (if you have the Isetan or Robinson’s member card, just flash it and get FREE entrance). Haven’t been there in a long while and wonder if they are still around. The only difference is that you get soft, white, fluffy hand towels to wipe your hands and there’s a jar of hand lotion for you to use after you wash your hands. Apart from these, everything else are the same. Of course, I wouldn’t pay to use all these if there are free ones else where :p

  4. Wait till you see the RM5 toilet in the Gardens! I almost jaw dropped when I saw the RM5 sign ….. but if RM2, I would if I am really ‘cannot tahan’ already!

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