Loving Math

My baby girl loves Math more than reading. She never fails to bug me for Math sums whenever she is bored waiting for something, like when we are waiting for our food to arrive or when we are in a car ride. At 4.8 years old, she can solve 2-number additions up to 20+.

5 + 12… 12 is bigger so put that in my head and take out 5 fingers. After 12 is 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Answer is 17! That’s how I’ve taught her to do addition.

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6 thoughts on “Loving Math

  1. My hub teach the same method to my son and he is doing very good in math addition too. She is so smart and hardworking. My son is 3 month older than Cass. My son also like math sum, but he is not as hard working as Cass 😛

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