Art For Year 4 KBSR Students

A few days ago, I was taken by surprise when Alycia showed me a pack of colorful styrofoam pieces for assembling.  For a moment, I thought that her friend had given her a pack of jigsaw puzzle. But she told me that it was her school homework from Art class!  I thought that she was  pulling my leg.  For the life of me, I have never received such fun looking homework from school, ever!  How could she have received from her school such awesome home assignment?  I think it is good that kids are given the opportunity to learn how to assemble such things.  I admit that I am terrible in assembling crafts like this one.  I have no patience or interest to do such stuff. So thumbs up to the school for introducing such an interesting craft to pique the interest of kids from young.

Alycia, having so much fun assembling the photo frame, which took her less than 15 minutes

Daddy was equally surprised to see this photo frame! For the lives of us, we have never done such  fun thing in school. All we did was the boring old stuff of drawing and painting lol!

Lastly, the pupils are to insert a photo into the photo frame before submitting their assignment to the teacher and Alycia chose her class group photo 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Art For Year 4 KBSR Students

  1. Schools have started to invest it better craft items for students nowadays. My girls’ school too has given crafts like this on National Day, Chinese New Year and etc.

  2. alycia will have to hold the photo frame careful when she brings it to the school.

    Only at extra activities curriculum handicraft class that my girl be given the chance to do art works in 3D and she like it..

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