Someone is Under The Weather

….which spells trouble for any mummy!

Alycia has been running a high temperature (up to 39.4 degrees Celsius) since Friday evening. What’s worrying this quack doctor mummy is that she shows almost no symptoms, except for a slight phlegmy throat.  Alycia is also complaining of dizziness, headache and generally feeling malaise with not much appetite. I am highly suspecting dengue fever or a problematic throat (this girl is very susceptible to throat infections and phlegm).  I am planning to wait for another day for her body to self heal BUT I am getting too much pressure from people surrounding me, urging me to bring her to the doctor.  From my 10 years of experience handling fevers with my 3 girls, I know what the doctors will say, do and prescribe. I know that the doctor will probably prescribe Alycia with kids dosage of paracetamol, which I am already giving to her since yesterday. And I do NOT want the doctor to conveniently prescribe my kid with antibiotics, which can cause more harm than good.  Blood test to rule out dengue fever is best done  from the 5th day of the onset of a fever.  I also have experience caring for 2 dengue patients before (hubs and the mil).  So to placate the people dear to Alycia, I will bring her to the doctor’s office today, so that everyone gets peace of mind.

On a  side note, let me show you a canvas poster color painting of the portrait of Vincent Van Gouh, which Alycia painted at her art class on Friday….

After 10 months of attending art enrichment classes, Alycia has made giant strides in her painting skill 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Someone is Under The Weather

  1. That’s a really beautiful painting and of Van Gogh too!

    I hope Alycia recovers soon – I just had a longgggggg week myself with TWO sick kiddos 😛

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