Baby C ‘s Second Surgery!

By now, most bloggers already know that my sweetie-pie went through another major surgery yesterday evening. My joy of being able to breastfeed baby was shortlived when her tummy looked more and more distended by the hour yesterday. Baby was in total discomfort and she kept fretting and wanted to be carried the whole day. My doctor and I knew that something wasn’t right inside her  coz her tummy was really bloated, like a balloon, like this:

Our surgeon told us that our stomach will produce almost 6 times stomach liquid of what we drink. For eg. if baby drinks 1 ounce of milk, her stomach will produce 6 ounces of stomach liquid. Thus, the bloatedness in her tummy. As I carried her yesterday, I could feel and hear gas and something that feels like water moving ravenously inside her stomach and each time it happened, my poor baby will yell out in pain. That’s because the wind and liquid are trying to find their way out of the guts. I know exactly how it feels coz I experienced spasm of my guts  after my 3rd c-section.

Our doctor came to our room to check on baby many times yesterday. He kept telling me he was very certain that there is an obstruction from the look and feel of baby’s tummy. I couldn’t agree with him more and I really freaked out by the look and feel of her tummy. At 4pm, our doctor said he didn’t want to wait any longer and wanted to operate on baby immediately. He briefed me on what to expect and also said that he will get ready some blood coz baby may need a blood transfusion as her haemoglobin is quite low.  I was really NOT ready for my baby to go through another surgery so soon. My mind was really blank and it fastforwarded to the worst case scenario.  Nonetheless, I just knew it was quite a right thing to do. I quickly called up the hubs and my mum to inform them. My hubs immediately drove back to Penang from KL with baby and her cheh cheh’s 2 godfathers.

When we were outside the OT area, baby instantly cried when she saw me in the purple scubs, face mask and disposable hair cap. She remembered that I was wearing that ugly looking suit before her first surgery 2.5 weeks ago and the next thing she woke up to horrible pain and discomfort. When I carried her and talked to her, she didn’t want me and kept gravitating her body towards my maid. When we were actually in the OT, I think the memories of her first surgery came flashing back in her mind.  She was crying away in fear, a look on her face that told me that she knew what she will be going through again. The anesthesiologist quickly administered the GA through her IV line. Within seconds, she konked out. I had to go through the whole sick-to-the-pit-of-my-guts process of putting her on the OT table again, said a prayer for her (in the presence of my dr, anesthesiologist and team), wished my dr good luck and told him to bring my baby out safely in one piece. My dr joked with me and asked me to give baby a kiss on the face, which I did. Leaving the OT room with baby behind was really, really a sickening feeling… a feeling I never ever want to experience again. Negative thoughts did flood my mind over and over again. When I left the OT room, it was about 6pm.  I waited outside the OT and prayed fervently.

At 7:20pm, the OT staff came out and called for “Cassandra’s mother”. I stumbled to the door and she told me that the operation had only just started as the doctor had a hard time finding a line on baby’s hands and legs.  I was shocked to hear that.  I thought she came out to tell me that the surgery was about to be over.  It has always been difficult for all my doctors to find a line on baby’s hands and legs since she was hospitalized for UTI for the first time when she was 7 weeks old. Anyway, the IV line was inserted on baby’s right foot yesterday.  That foot got puffy AGAIN this morning and the line was removed again.

Whilst waiting for the surgery to be over, I quickly went up to my room, ate my dinner, took my bath and went down to the OT again. At around 8:30pm, my surgeon came out and told me that he found the problem. A small part of baby’s small intestines got hooked, right at the bottom of her guts, near the pelvis. The surgery went well and a lot of the bile juice and whatever water that had caused her stomach to be so bloated were drained out. In addition, our surgeon also removed baby’s appendics, so one less headache for us in future as she will never get an appendicitis in future.

This pic was taken this morning. Baby was really alert. I tempted her with a slice of orange, some omellete and bread and she moved her head forward, opened her mouth wide and licked on the food. When I asked her to show me her ballerina pose leg, she moved her left leg as if she was doing a split and pointed to her leg.

We had to wrap baby’s hand with a bedsheet so that she will not pull off the NG tube on her nose again. In addition, both her hands are now bandaged to prevent her from moving her fingers and pulling the tubes and she looks like a boxer!  My maid and I are now watching her like a hawk so that she will not pull off the NG tube and the central line on her body. 

A central line was also inserted on baby’s body. It goes from her neck to her upper right breast. Today, the doctor has started her on nutrition drips through the central line. Morphine is also given through the central line.  She will be sedated again when the doctor removes the line from her body.

I am praying for Baby C to fart lots now coz once she farts, I can start to feed her.

Check out my other blog to view further pix of Baby C and my health blog to view pic of her little appendics.

….to be continued

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45 thoughts on “Baby C ‘s Second Surgery!

  1. I m so happy that the surgery went well n doctor found the issue. Yes..fart is precious now n let her fart lots..

    Baby C… jia you!!

  2. poor little cassandra. so sad to see that her hands and right foot are in bandaged. did the doctor say why her intestines were hooked? Was it due to the earlier surgery? Do you know how long is the incision? i pray that cassandra is not in pain. She is such a brave little one and can still give you a ballerina pose 🙂

  3. Oh dear….as I read, I can’t help my tears from spilling. But as I read further and saw her photo that show she could play with you and eager to eat….I felt relieved. Get well soon, Baby, and God bless!

  4. My heart breaks to hear what baby C has to go thru. Hang in there! Will pray for a speedy recovery. May the Lord be with you always.

  5. I cant imagine how much u have gone tru, dear!! I WAS SO OVERWHELMED READING UR POST! I hope & pray with this she will fully recover & be in home sweet home. HUGS, HUGS!!

  6. good to find out the prob. and yur dr seems very attentive too. haha…i saw u tempting baby C with orange, omelette, kaya somemore! eh, egg wor, can meh after surgery??

  7. I’m glad that dr managed to rectify this prob and baby C please break wind soon so you can get all the nutritions from your mummy milkie.

    Will pray for speedy and painless recovery for baby!

  8. Fart away Baby C!! 🙂 Go for it!

    Take care mummy. Hoping and praying for Baby C to get better tonight and tomorrow..

  9. Really heart breaking to read the time that you have to sent her back to the surgical room again but what needs to be done has to be done and I am praying for baby’s C speedy recovery!!

    You are one strong mommy!! Take care dear 🙂 Lots of hugs and kisses to baby C! You both are a fighter!!!

  10. this is my first time on your blog although i’ve seen your name on other mommies’ blogs before….anyway, my heart goes out to you for being so strong and also to baby c who looks good and cheery for a little baby who is going through too much for her age. just reading your post brought tears to my eyes as no baby nor mummy should go through such a thing.

    my prayers and thoughts are with baby c and you and all your family. tk care and speedy recovery to baby c!

  11. Hi Shireen

    I am so sad to read this post. I have tears in my eyes knowing what baby C had to go through again in such a short period of time.

    Good thing is that the doc found the problem and fix it and hope she will recover soon.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please take care.

  12. am glad that the surgery has over & hope it’s the last ever!! here’s wishing that god continue to bless & protect babyC & yr family!!

  13. I just feel like crying knowing that baby had to go through another surgery 🙁 But I’m glad that the Dr has found the problem and now you can mend her health by breastfeeding her all she wants. Hope to see you when you return with her soon!

  14. glad to hear that the surgery went well n the doctor manage to solve the problem. Stay strong mummy …i’m sure everythings will be fine

  15. Really glad to hear that the doc found the root cause! Both Baby C and you are really strong gals 🙂

    Since you need to get as much wind out of her as possible, I wonder if it’ll help to rub some tiger balm or black Chinese “wind-in-the-tummy” oil on her tummy to help the gas out? And also rubbing her back gently as you would when burping a baby?

    I’m pregnant now and having a lot of WIND in my stomach – tiger balm has been great and Hubby helping to rub my back in an upwards motion (while I’m sitting) has helped me to burp and fart a lot…

    Lots and lots of kisses to baby C!

  16. finally the doc fix the problem. And glad that the surgery was a success. I am sure now baby C is on the recovery path. Get well soon, baby C. Would like to see her sweet smile again.

  17. it is really heartbreaking for me to see baby C condition..i pray that everything will be a whole lots better and glad to know the surgery went well. got to agree that both of u are certainly strong girls!

  18. Glad to hear that the surgery went well and smoothly. Great to hear that the Dr found the root cause of the problem. Phewww…hopefully Baby C will be up and running very very very soon…..

  19. My heart aches everytime I look at her photos. It’s really heartbreaking to see her having to go through all these at such a tender age. Stay strong and take care..

  20. shireen, i am so sorry that u had to go thru all that but now that the problem is solved, baby C will be able to go back home to be with everybody and start eating healthily and playing. speedy recovery for her and she will be in my prayers..
    hugs to baby C and U!

  21. my heart was in pieces wen i read ur story… but im sure u r stronger than I am and I’m reli glad tat the dr found the prob… God Bless! hope she will recover soon

  22. glad to know that doctor found the problem and even remove the appendics! She’s a really tough girl you know, and I know its not easy for u too. Hope that she recover fast and all of you can go home, so that her cheh chehs can hug and kiss this lil angel again.

  23. Shireen, my eyes were full of tears when I read your posts. I do not know how to handle such situation if I were you. You are so strong! Do hang on and be strong. I am sure baby C is on the way to recovery. She will be in my prayers. 🙂

  24. hi! i hop by from chanel and phaik ling’s blog after reading about baby c…
    so so so happy that the surgery went well and my thoughts and prayers with you & baby c…and wishing the tough cookie a speedy recovery!

    didnt know you’re from pg…i’m a mummy blogger fr pg as well!


  25. Hi Shireen. This must be really hard on you and heart wrenching to see Baby C in such agony. The good thing is that the dr has identified the problem. Stay strong. You are indeed a wonderful mummy.

  26. hi!! Just drop by to tell you to stay strong for lil cassandra… it’s really heart breaking to c her go through all this. but thank God.. all this is going to pass as the cause have been found and i will pray for her speedy recovery..

  27. i share your pain and am tearing as i read your blog. (gotta wipe my tears quickly before any colleagues walk in). Hang in there, God will see you and bb C through!

  28. Hey Shireen – found out about Cass from Vivien (lotsacheeks) and was shocked. Just caught up on all the progress. You know, you will look back on all this one day and guilt-trip her when she’s misbehaving how you sponged and fretted over her when she was a baby :). Cass is a strong baby and you’re one strong mommy, my friend. Sending Cass healing vibes and love to Alan, you and the girls.

  29. Hey Shireen,
    Hope that baby C recover really quickly this time.really heartbreaking seeing baby C with all those lines in her body.Oh and i thought after surgery no eggs??
    Baby C pls recover fast so that u can play again with your Alycia & sherilyn cheh cheh soon.They will be very happy to see u to be able to play again with them…

  30. hey alan aka captain! heard bout your lil’ one and my heart goes all out to you man!!! Hope ya lil’ baby C will recover asap and wish after this time she’ll be filled with great health and lots of love, luck, joy and happiness…

    tdra sends their love to ya daughter too!

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