Updates On Baby C’s Re-admission

Baby C is still puking today.  I had only fed her with 3 teaspoons of soy bean milk to go with her antibiotics this morning and she puked them all out, together with yellowish bile liquid about an hour later.  It was really horrifying to see her puke as not only did the vomit pour out from her mouth, but also from her nostrils…. and each time she puked, she would jump up from bed, as if in shock…. and that really shocked me.  Our surgeon told us this morning that if she continues to puke today, in she goes to the OT for a surgery to fix her guts tomorrow. Gawd… I hope she doesn’t have to be operated on again.  It would really be tooooooo much for my poor baby to bear. 

The CT scan machine. I was with Baby C during the CT scan yesterday.  She bawled and kept struggling throughout the procedure.  The radiologist had to hold her head and hands tightly to prevent her from struggling.   The ginormous machine looks really intimidating huh?

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14 thoughts on “Updates On Baby C’s Re-admission

  1. I am praying hard that she doesn’t need to go through another surgery. Poor poor baby C. Really very strange that she has problems with her guts now when all the while, she is fine.

  2. Really hoping that this painful ordeal gets over soon. Praying she will get well. May God give u and Baby C the strength to hang in there and fight out the problem.

  3. oh dear..another surgery??? Gosh..must be painful..the old stitches also not yet heal n another?? Hope everything will be fine soon….

  4. Sad to read about your post on baby C. Praying hard that baby C will recover soon and not have to go through all those torture…you must take care too in order to care for her.

  5. Poor baby C… I’ll pray hard for you and baby C. Pray hard that she will recover fully and does not have to go through anoher surgery. Be strong…

  6. I just started to read your blog few days ago. I feel so sorry for everything that happened to your baby C and you. I don’t know what to say anymore, till I hear from you again. Be positive and take care.

  7. Hopefully baby C will fully recover soon!

    Have you consider a 2nd opinion? My son had hernia operation when he was barely 1 month old. (He’s 8 months ++ now). We saw at least 2 pediatrics and another 2 pediatric surgeons prior to deciding to go for it. They all have different opinions. We had the operation at I* Hospital, Penang. They have a good pediatric surgeon there, if you wish to have a 2nd opinion. You take care yourself, k?

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