Obsessed With Folding Blankets

I believe everyone has an OCD or a quirk, even with young kids and toddlers. Baby’s latest OCD is with folding blankets, towels and nappies. She is also obsessed with having at least 3 pieces of nappies and 2 blankets on the king size bed that she shares with her sisters. She likes to be surrounded by blankets and nappies on her bed. This fella can spend at least 15-20 minutes folding and unfolding her blankets and nappies everyday, at least thrice a day. And she does it with style too, by sandwiching the middle part of the blanket or nappy with her chin and chest… then brings both the corners of the blanket together. And the same process happens 1 more time…. and then she folds up the half folded blanket/nappy into one neat square! This 3-year old toddler is a neat freak I tell ya. What tickles me a lot is that she does it with such seriousness and interest, reinforced with her telling me “mummy, I love to fold blankets!” HAHAHA!

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7 thoughts on “Obsessed With Folding Blankets

  1. Please encourage C to keep this up! What a sweetie! For sure she can start helping to fold towels and some of her own clothes. Maybe u should get her an origami kit!!

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