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I just realized that there has been no update in this blog for 5 days! And I thought that it was only 2 or 3 days.  Apart from my lungs and nostrils, my mind must have been choked by the dreadful haze too.

So what have I been up to?

I have been feeling a little under the weather, no thanks to hubs who has been carrying around the flu and strep throat bugs for over a week. I do not usually succumb to these kind of bugs but I am more susceptible this time, caused by the worsening haze. Inside our house, the smell of smoke has been pretty strong, for the past few nights.  The acrid smoke smell has been so bad that we had to close our windows and turn on the air purifier throughout the night.

Our regular part-time maids who used to come almost daily can only work for us 4 times a week now. Thus, I will be tied down on maid-less days.

Alycia is sitting for her first term school exam this week, so I spent the weekend revising BM with her.

I also spent much of my time on Saturday and Sunday refreshing my computer screen to get updates on the Missing Malaysia Airlines MAS Flight MH370.

Despite having a terrible flu with swollen eyes, red nose and watery goo flowing out from my nostrils the whole of yesterday, I forced myself to sit next to Alycia to revise BM with her. In between, I forced my arse out of the chair to do some house chores. I told Alycia yesterday that I will be her slave until her exam is over and she need not have to do any chores during the exam period. I promised her that I will watch ’12 Years A Slave’ with her when her exam is over. I told her to compare the slave in the movie with me to see if we have got similar sufferings! LOL! I have always been telling my girls that I am like a slave to them, where I have to work over 18 hours a day with no rest days, no pay, no bonus and even have to work when I am as sick as a dog.

Tuition time with Ms M, the girls’ Mandarin tutor, whom I am very thankful and grateful to, for being a wonderful tutor with a wonderful attitude.  My girls Whatsapp and call her all the time whenever they need help with homework.

exam prep 1


Dinner was something really simple to prepare with minimal washing — porridge with roast pork.  I did not even clear the dining table when we had dinner yesterday. We ate with books surrounding us 😛

exam prep2

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6 thoughts on “Updates From HFM :)

  1. hahaha .. I have to watch 12 years a Slave with my family too. Good luck to Alycia. And speedy recovery to you. You need to rest when you are sick, super mum!

  2. Having help 4 times a week is better than zero! Hope u are feeling better too, there are a few sickies ard me too, mostly sinus-y, touch wood have been ok!
    Re: the MH flight, so scarey and news here have been covering it daily. What a way to put Malaysia on the map! Here’s something else too…my daughter who has just finished a 5 country Asian trip was due back abt 4 days after the crash. She was supposed to fly TG to come back here, which would have been ok. Then, the flight got cancelled, and she claims there was no notification! In the mean time, she still has to get to PVG to connect for her flight on Air Canada. So, after much wrangling (and tears), MH booked her on their flight to Shanghai, even honouring the business class status! It was worrisome for all of us but she did make the connection and is safely home! I really have to thank MH, and wish them luck too!

      1. My kids have always been good travellers. They could work the NYC subway system long before I could read the map! My dtr actually backpacked to London UK with a friend after high school grad. I was worried and would call the hotel so frequently that switchboard would recognize my voice! The main problem was getting them hotels as they were under 18; thankfully her friend’s dad pulled some strings and got them accomodation. That place had a nice Indian restaurant and they ate there most dinners so much so the staff there were extra nice and gave them freebies! This trip was more adventurous and she went with a couple of friends. Not so much backpacking; somehow they stayed at the Marriott in BKK for 10 days, and paid for 3 only! Maybe I need to travel with her for better service!

        1. Wow Chris, you really are a very confident and positive mum. Right now, I don’t think I will have the peace of mind to allow either of my girls to travel overseas with a friend, even when they are 18YO. My SIL in HK has been asking me to allow Alycia to travel to HK on her own, so that she could stay with them during the hols. I still can’t let go. Well, perhaps I will in a few years’ time 🙂

          1. Heavens, you should let her. It is a nonstop flight and only 3.5 hours, barely enough time to finish a movie! The staff do take extra care for unaccompanied minors. These days so easy to keep in contact with phones and such, so it will be fine.

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