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An hour ago at 10pm, as I was about to shut down my computer to give it a much deserved rest before it gets over-heated and pulls the plug on me, I had decided to refresh the Blogitive Open Offers page one last time to see if I am lucky enough to grab some posts to write. Woo hoo… luck is on me and I saw 2 posts to write but shit… I have to put my 2 brats to sleep and it’s not easy to put these hyperactive gals to sleep k. So I quickly fixed them milk, brushed their teeth and cleaned them up and sent them to bed. But Alycia’s battery is still half full. Every night, we would pray before going to bed. Tonight, Alycia made a llloooooooong list of people she wanted to pray for from Richard kor kor to all her koo pohs (DH’s aunties), to her mah mah, koo mah, koo koo, granny, koong koong to her toys and bear bear and after we had prayed for 7 people or so, I realized her prayer list was getting even longer….. and I just said ‘keep quiet Alycia and sleep. Mummy is just drop dead tired’ but in actual fact, my eyes were wide opened and heart was raring to go downstairs to where my PC is and start writing my paid posts for Blogitive. My 2 brats finally went to slumberland half an hour late.
The thing I hate most about Blogitive is that I have to write 2 filler posts in between each paid posts. Aiyoh… where got so many things to write about ar wei. Ok, better stop writing nonsense now and continue writing my 2nd paid post.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Paid Posts

  1. 2 filler post? i signed up with blogitive but never did any post yet. cos their requirement is quite lenghty and i hate to read it through. but the good thing about em is you can put the open oppurtunity on reserve.

  2. Hey..Shireen,
    With blogitive .. you have like 2 days.. to do your post.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ so no hurry the next time.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Mamabok… i know they give us 48 hrs to complete but i’m just too used to completing work immediately rather than wait. I once worked 4 a perfectionist workaholic boss ๐Ÿ™‚

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