A Picture of Peace

This is the picture of Sherilyn taken this afternoon after we came back from a day at church and lunch at PJ Hilton’s Genji Japanese Restaurant. Sherilyn was so sleepy that she dozed off the minute we buckled her up in her car seat. Not wanting to jolt her up from her sweet slumber upon arrival back home, we just placed her on the mattress on the floor with her outing dress still on. What a picture of peace on her sweet face.

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Sometimes Only Her Kakak Understands Her

At times, only my maid Suliah comprehends Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s baby talks. We were having dinner a few days ago and one of the dishes was an omelette. Alycia the greedy pig was chewing with a whole mouthful of omelette when she muffled something like this :

Alycia : I …. (as she munches her food) muck egg…..

Me : You have stomach-ache? Do you want to go poo poo?

Alycia : Shakes her head. I (munch munch munch her food) muck egg.

Me : Hiyah… you must have eaten too much dim sum for lunch. I told you not to eat too much, now you have stomach-ache. Come, let’s go to the toilet and poo poo.

Alycia : I want (munch, munch, munch) ….. muck egg.

My maid who was observing us noticed Alycia pointing to the omelette dish then said “oh, Alycia kata I want somemore egg”

Then all three of us burst out laughing.

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Alycia and Sherilyn’s Hair-cut

When it comes to trimming by gals’ fringes, I often leave this task to my maid coz I just don’t have the patience to keep my 2 rumbustious brats sitting still whilst I snip their fringes away. My maid would have it her way then, the kampung style, as can be seen from the pictures here.

Haircut the kampung style at our backyard.

Ok, now’s Sherilyn mui mui’s turn. Don’t move girl, hold on to this peg.

The outcome…. lopsided & zig-zaged fringes. Sigh…. need some touching up tomorrow.

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