How I Made My 2 Brats Sleep

A few nights ago, Alycia and Sherilyn refused to sleep. Why? Because daddy was downstairs and they wanted to go down to play with him but I didn’t allow it coz it was already 11ish pm and Alycia had cough and needed to sleep early. They whined and whimpered, jumped round the room, knocked on the door and yelled out to daddy and I got really pissed off. My temper was about to flare when I told myself that if I break out, it’s going to worsen the situation as they would end up crying and most likely throw up and gosh, it was close to midnight and my helper was already fast asleep.
So I calmed down and sang “Jesus Loves The Children Of The World”. Within SECONDS, the room was filled with silence, save for my melodious voice singing, aherm… It felt magical. As I laid on my back and sang, my left hand stroke Sher’s head and right hand stroke Alycia’s hand. I was multi-tasking…. singing and stroking 2 resentful toddlers to lull them to sleep. I sang for about 10 minutes but they were still not asleep yet. They were hypnotized by the song and kept asking for more. I sang another song but Sher only wanted THAT song, so I sang and sang for over 30 times until my voice went hoarse and then I pretended to fall asleep and started to ‘snore’.
When Sher heard me ‘snoring’, she jumped up from bed, slapped my face gently to wake me up and said “mummy, what’s that shound?” She then shook my shoulder and again said “mummeeeeee…… what’s that shound?” I ignored her and continued to snore. She then went back to sleep and began imitating my snores and she went “kgorrrr… kgorrrr… kgorrrr…..”. Boy, that was so hilarious, Sher pretending to snore in her cute babyish voice and I was trying hard not to laugh out loud and pursed my lips hard to contain my laughter. Minutes later, both Alycia and Sher finally drifted to slumberland and I wearily but happily sneaked back to my room to sleep.

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5 thoughts on “How I Made My 2 Brats Sleep

  1. that was cute, you pretending to be sleeping and snoring at that!

    good you were able to contain your laughter ^_^

  2. so cute of her to immitate mom’s snorin. both of them sleep by themselves? at night won’t cry lookin for mommy?

  3. Leena… on most nites, i get visits fr the gals, they wont cry but request that i sleep with them on their bed.

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