Magic Colours

Yesterday, my MIL and I were busy doing our work. So my MIL gave the gals some magic colours for them to doodle and scribble on papers. 15 minutes later, here’s what I saw. Sherilyn had doodled on the marble dining table, on her hands, face and on her clothes. It was a total mess. Hiyah…. I ended up wasting more time cleaning up the stains. Kids… don’t they drive you up the wall all the time?

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3 thoughts on “Magic Colours

  1. Get for the girls the washable/removable magic colour. My nieces used to play with that. It’s easy to remove.

  2. heh, these trades are part of the parcel. u don’t want to trade them anyway 🙂 if u don’t want to use chemicals on your kids, try eucalyptus oil and CHUX on your table 🙂

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