Miss Pukey Sherilyn

Sherilyn is nicknamed Ms Pukey coz she throws up very easily from the time she was a baby right through now. She pukes when she cries, when she eats food that she doesn’t like, particularly meat, when I brush her teeth, when she gets choked on food or when she’s over-eaten and simply when she wants sympathy and attention. She even knew how to gagged her throat with her fingers till she puked just to get our attention whenever she was locked up in the playpen when she was barely a year old. She knew mummy would not easily succumb to her crying and pull her out from the playpen but if she pukes in the playpen, mummy would rush to her aid and bring her out from her little prison. See how cunning and manupulative my brat can be.

Sherilyn has been rather whiny, cranky and cries easily for no real reasons for the last few days till she really gets on my nerves. Yesterday, she woke up from her nap bawling away as if she had had a bad dream. Nothing seemed to subdue her. I then fixed her a bottle of milk and she drank it with her head lying on my lap like a baby.

When I went into the kitchen to wash the bottle, she was still bawling and rolling on the floor. I was already very pissed off with her as there was no apparent reason for her bawling and I’ve exhausted all my means of trying to placate her from distraction to laughter and my patience was really wearing thin.

As I had expected, Ms Pukey then choked, coughed a tad bit and I knew she was about to puke. This happens most of the time when Sherilyn has a bawling session. I dashed right into the storeroom and fished out a huge garbage bag (that’s all I could see in the storeroom) and headed back to retrieve Sherilyn’s vomit. The milk that had formed into fresh curd spewed out from Sherilyn’s throat right into the garbage bag. After she was done, she pushed the bag away and said “finish already”.

Afterthat, I brought Sherilyn to the loo to have her washed up. As she sat on the toilet, she was still whining and sobbing for no apparent reasons. I was even more pissed off with her now and as I looked her straight into her face, I told her this, “Sherilyn what’s the matter with you? Why are you crying non-stop for no reason? You’re not in pain, you’re not hungry, cheh cheh didn’t bully you and you’re not a baby. Only babies cry like this because they don’t know how to talk. Can you tell me what you want instead of cry? If you want to be a baby, fine…. I’ll put you into the playpen and you stay in there”. Without any second thoughts, Sherilyn blurted out “i don’t want playpen”. For a moment, I could feel something magical had happened. Sherilyn stopped bawling, then the bawl gradually dwindled into a faint whimpering and then as I dried her body and put on her clothes, she transformed into an angel…. singing and giggling as she tried to start a conversation with me. Hiyah… kids are just so unpredictable and sometimes you just don’t know whether to get mad or laugh at their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

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6 thoughts on “Miss Pukey Sherilyn

  1. miss pukey’s mom,
    haha. my bro is also a mr. pukey especially when he overeats or when he’s too hyper. gosh. like he can puke right the moment we leave the restaurant. eww. how embarrassin.

    now that he’s 12, he pukes much lesser, but still pukes on and off.
    cannot stand..

  2. Leena… u hv a bro who’s only 12? Wow, wide age gap, u must be pretty young too. Aiyoh, i hope Sherilyn wont go on puking that easily till she’s 12! Really cannot stand it.

  3. wah tender stomach eh… luckily mommy is a health freak, will know how to feed them correctly la 😀

  4. erm, big gap huh. my eldest sis is 34 and little brother is 12. mom married young. she had little brother in her 40’s.

  5. Hi there. I am a new blogger. Anyway, when i read this post, i felt as if u were describing my 4 yr old son!!! Exactly the same. we have ‘vomit’ bowls in the living room and bedroom for emergencies. We even carry plastic bags when we go out. Do let me know if there is a remedy for this…hehe!!

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