Baby C’s First Outing To The Restaurant

Baby C’s first outing to the restaurant was on 17 May 2008 – to daddy’s favorite Duck King Restaurant in Jaya 1, PJ. Since we could not find Sherilyn’s old stroller, we had to carry her throughout lunch, which lasted more than 2 hours….. and I had an achy left hand after that. She also poo pooed in the restaurant and there was no baby changing room…… bummer! I had to carry her while my maid wiped her bum with wet wipes.  Baby C tends to poo poo 4-5 times a day, sometimes even more, which makes bringing her out with me very ‘mah fan’ (troublesome).  Fully breastfed babies tend to poo poo very frequently and they get hungry very fast too.  I hope she will poo lesser as she grows older so that I don’t have to scurry to find a baby changing room each time I go out.

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