Blue Cheese Bread

This is a backdated post. My mil made a few loaves of blue cheese wheat bran bread about a month ago. It was her first try baking blue cheese bread.

Hubs giving his mum a helping hand in plaiting the dough.

The dough has to be placed in this special wooden bowl sprinkled with flour so that the bread has nice stripes on the body.

The loaves of bread, just out from the oven.

The blue cheese. On its own, no one could stomach the pungent smell, not even for a cheese lover like me or my gals. It tastes very much like vomit and even after rinsing my mouth with water, the aftertaste was still lingering inside, eeeeeesh!! Alycia kept saying she wanted to vomit each time she passed by the kitchen! But the bread did not taste as bad and pungent after being baked in the oven. They tasted very cheesy and quite delish.

While the adults were busy in the kitchen, my 2 older brats helped themselves to ice-creams. As usual, brat #2 had ice-cream drippings everywhere on her body.

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