Water Guzzler

Baby can guzzle down water from her sippy cup pretty easily. She likes it even more if she is given water from our cup or from our tumbler. Here, she’s drinking water from my tumbler. She even knows how to tilt the tumbler gently so that the water will not come gushing down on her.  She has had several bad experiences where water entered her nostrils and she choked.

Baby’s vocab is improving by the day. She loves imitating what we say and her pronunciation is quite good. Each time I change her diaper, she will say “stoooooo, stooooo, back….ache, back….ache” and points to the stool. She can pronounce the word “backache” quite well to.    She says that because I always tell her “bring me the stool, mummy has backache, don’t make me bend my back”.  If I don’t pull a stool next to the bed to sit, she will rant on and on and will go round searching for the green Ikea stool for me. She’s just like Alycia, a very thoughtful and sweet little sweetiepie who does not like to see mummy in pain!

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Do You Know How Wheat Works?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Wheat Food Council. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of us include wheat in our diet everyday. I am one of them. I am a bread lover and I have toasted whole wheat and multi-grain bread for breakfast or lunch almost everyday. Even the pastas and pancakes that we eat are made of whole wheat. Today I discovered a website where I can learn all about wheat. How Wheat Works is an interactive, online multimedia program that delivers a farm-to-fork education on wheat, enabling us to have a better understanding of the nutritional value of wheat. In this program, we are shown the amazing journey of wheat, from the time the seeds are planted until it appears on your plate as bread, pasta, tortilla and much more.
The How Wheat Works program has four interesting stages. Each stage only takes a few minutes to complete and the entire program is completed over four days. Participants of all ages can virtually grow, harvest and mill their own kernels to create their desired wheat food.

The interactive opportunities include the selection of the type of wheat to be grown and wheat flour to be milled. Once the program is completed, you will help Operation Homefront, a non-profit program assisting needy U.S. Troops and their families. This is by way of the Wheat Foods Council donating two pounds of flour for each person that completes the program. The Council, together with their members at ADM and ConAgra Mills, two of the world’s largest millers will donate up to 90,000 pounds of flour. The Wheat Foods Council believes that by introducing people to the process of how wheat is produced, it will increase the public’s awareness on the nutritional value and health benefits of wheat. A special interactive program for youth has also been created through www.wheatfoods.org to enable them to learn all about wheat.

If you’re just as interested as I am to know all about wheat, do click on the links above. You can also join the Wheat Foods Council on Facebook to interact with fellow wheat lovers. I have just joined the Council on Facebook too!

Visit my sponsor: HowWheatWorks.com

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