Yummy Pasar Malam Food

Yesterday, we feasted on pasar malam food for dinner. Alycia and Sherilyn got their first taste of ‘look look’ (fish balls on satay stick) and were hooked to them. Hubby bought popiah, ‘look look’, chicken and beef satay, deef fried boneless chicken chop, nyonya kuih and of course durians – everyone’s all-time favorite.

Deep-fried boneless chicken chop.

Nyonya kuih


Sherilyn enjoying the ‘look look’.
Word of caution : kids are to eat this under close adult supervision as the satay stick is very sharp.

Chicken and beef satay

‘ Look Look’

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8 thoughts on “Yummy Pasar Malam Food

  1. Didn’t know lok-lok can be to-go. Silly us, just stood there and makan from the stall. Is the lok-lok still situated at the corner for desa utama?

  2. Vien… you lived in Taman Desa before? Now, there are a few look look vans in the pasar malam.

    Hui Sia… i guess shd be ok kwa if you eat them after you’ve bf ur bb… your bb may also get heatiness or he maybe he wont like the taste of durian-flavored milk, hehe…

    Vania… tks 4 visiting my blog.

  3. wah, so many delicious food..its been long time that i didnt go pasar malam lu…ur pasar malam there got sell durian in packet one…in ipoh dun have lar…

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