The Great Flood… part 2 (Back-dated post)

This pic was taken 2 hours after the flood water came gushing to our neighbourhood from a river. A few hours later, the water level was up to my car window.

Neighbours’ cars all submerged in muddy water.

This is a back-dated post. When our house was almost destroyed by the great flood last year, both DH’s and my car were almost destroyed. As our cars were not insured against flood, DH had spent close to RM20k on repair bills on his new MPV and close to RM10k on my not-too-old Proton Wira. DH’s car was stuck in the workshop for close to half a year while awaiting computerized parts to arrive from Japan. When DH finally got his car back all repaired, his car was stolen 4 months later. It’s freaky and uncanny isn’t it? It’s like this car was just not meant to be his.

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  1. I used to stay in Shah Alam but sold the hse after the flood. I’d earlier wrote about the great flood. U can read it under ‘Disasters’.

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