Muddy Mess

The water finally flowed back into our taps at around 11am today and as expected after every pipe burst, the water would be murky and dirty. After the water flowed out from the taps for about 1 minute, it stopped again as the mud and dirt had clogged up the tap. My maid then removed the tap and tried to unclog it but the moment she removed the tap, the teh tarik colored water suddenly shot out like a fountain and dirtied the entire kitchen – my maid, the sink, counter tops, the floor and the dishes near the sink were covered with teh tarik water. My gals thought it was very amusing and squealed in excitement seeing the commotion.

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7 thoughts on “Muddy Mess

  1. When I received notice from water board of no water, I will switch off my main tap, and only used water from reserve tank, till the water supply is back…and guess what, when I on back the water meter, the water flow is clean as usual…maybe, you should try it…

  2. My water tank has a lot of filth on the bottom. So I can’t afford to let the tank empty since the filth will also go down.

    About your comp, can you tell me this:

    -your computer memory
    -your anti virus software and whether it’s updated regularly or not
    -your spyware software
    -your browser

  3. Hi HFM–yuck (smile), but I can understand why your children thought it fun. Now, how did you find a maid who also does plumbing?

  4. Cherry… tks 4 the help. My hubs deleted a number of files fr my pc last night and then did a disk defragmentation. Now, it seems ok. Hopefully my prob is solved.

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