Our Very Own Charlie’s Angels

My hubby and his very own Charlie’s Angels…. and he really does adore his 3 precious angels, most times to the extent of spoiling them rotten.  That’s because he is seldom at home to spend time with them and whenever he has a respite from work, he will spoil them rotten with food (including junkies), toys, stickers, books, etc. and bring them out to Mega Kidz or other outings.

Now that I am co-sleeping with Baby C at night for ease of breastfeeding, hubby who is paranoid of sleeping with us in the king-size bed for fear of squashing Baby C in his deep sleep has moved to the gals’ room, which is adjoining to the master bedroom.  Sleeping in with the gals have even made them more attached to him.  So whenever daddy is around, the gals will stick to him like glue, which gives me a short breather.

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