Feeding Baby C Medicine

Feeding Baby C antibiotics requires TONS of patience, ideas and energy.  I started off feeding her the antibiotics at 8:30am today after Alycia and Sherilyn had gone to pre-school and only finished the entire 3ml at 9:45am…. which I split into 3 sessions.  It took me 20 – 30 minutes to squirt 1ml of antibiotics into her mouth.  I had to cradle her with my left hand and hold the syringe with my right hand…. and then dance with her,  sang to her, walked round the house whilst singing to her, whilstled to her, jogged round the house with her to amuse her and clowned around to distract her and to make her swallow the antibiotics. 

Since yesterday, Baby C has been really cranky and I had to let her suckle my breast every single hour of the day.  The moment I put her back in her cot or on the bouncinet, she would start whining again.   When her cries were ignored and she wasn’t picked up immediately, her cries would accelerate into loud vibrating wails with long pauses in between….. and her body would stiffened and turn red and at times threw up…. which was really quite frightening.  She also had to suckle my teat teats the whole night and she was practically sleeping under my armpits the entire night…. till I had pins and needles on both my hands.  Oh God, I just hope things will get better in days to come, else I just can’t do anything but cradle her and let her latch onto my breast the whole day.

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Sherilyn Goes To Pre-School

After delaying sending Sherilyn to pre-school for half a year, I finally sent her off today together with Alycia.  She was so excited and upbeat this morning as I prepared her to go to school.  I also got the maid to fry some eggs for the gals and then I cut them into cute shapes with my new My Melody cookie cutter and packed them into their lunch boxes. Also brushed their teeth and washed them up with the help of my maid.  All these I did with Baby C comfortably and happily snuggled up inside the baby sling which I wore.  Baby C has been really cranky since yesterday. 

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