I Smell Of Regurgitated Milk The Whole Day!

All 3 of my angels are down with the sniffles.  Sherilyn was down first. A day later, Alycia’s nose was stuffy too and yesterday was Cassandra’s turn. 

I had a tough time nursing Baby C last night as her nose was blocked and she couldn’t breathe when she was latched on.  As a result, she was crying each time I nursed her.  I had to sit at the foot of the bed to breastfeed her, with the dustbin next to us, for fear that she would puke.  I also had to burp her every 5 minutes as she has a tendency to puke every time she cries.  My milk supply has also been quite heavy for the past 2 days and Baby C tends to choke too. As she isn’t drinking a lot, my breasts tend to leak milk and I had to change 3 t-shirts and 3 towels throughout the night.  I was too exhausted to go downstairs to sterilize my breast pump to express my milk out.

I brought Alycia and Baby C to the paed’s office today. On our way home whilst I was nursing Baby C in the car, all of a sudden, she puked big time. I was soaked with puke to the skin and daddy’s car seat was also soiled. When we were home, Sherilyn was crying and whining big time. As expected, she too puked and messed up the entire dining area floor. Daddy’s clothes were also soaked with puke. Whilst daddy washed up Sherilyn, I quickly went upstairs to wipe off the puke on my body with a wet towel. I then quickly bathed Baby C. I didn’t have time to take a quick shower and was still stinky all over and had to nurse Baby C again as she was wailing her lungs out for milk. After nursing her, I rushed upstairs to have a quick bath, came downstairs for a quick dinner before Baby C woke up. Half way through dinner (which I was merely swallowing my food without enjoying them), Baby C woke up and I had to nurse her again.

In between all these, I had to feed Alycia her meds, force her and Sherilyn to drink water, bathe them and read to Sherilyn. Alycia also puked whilst having her bath and I had to feed her meds again.  Phew… life is really crazy with 3 young kids! I can’t wait till they are all grown up!

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