Alycia Is 6 Today

Exactly 6 years ago today around this time (9am), I was checking into Sunway Medical Centre, ready to deliver my first precious baby (term used by doctors to describe hard to get babies) by elective c-section. I was flooded by mixed emotions – excited, ecstatic that the long awaited day had finally arrived, anxious, worried, scared and nervous. I was a big ball of stress too, from the moment I was in my room in the maternity ward right up to the moment I saw Alycia’s face in the OT.

I still remember very vividly that when the nurses pushed me in the gurney from my room to the OT, I was choking with emotions and was teary eyed. I was darn petrified of what I was about to expect in the next hour or so. Several hours later (which seemed like days to me), when I finally saw her face, my fears and worries were all allayed. All the pain, sufferings and emotional roller coaster that I had gone through to get this little bundle of joy were fast forgotten the moment I lay my eyes on my little beauty. Not to mention the money we had spent to get her. She’s all worth it. My little blond hair baby (she had a few streaks of blond hair at birth and all the nurses were so amazed) with skin as white as snow and lips as red as ruby is now 6 years old and has grown so much.

Hubby and I always cannot believe how fast she has grown right before our eyes. In a few weeks’ time, she will be wearing the dark blue and white school uniform, pushing a trolley bag and all ready to start Primary 1. I know I will be emotional again when I send her to school on 3rd January 2010. My little precious baby is a big girl now. Before I know it, she will be flying off her nest to go to uni and then to start a family of her own.  I’m really thinking too far ahead ain’t I, haha!

Happy birthday my precious baby Alycia! Mummy loves you very much.

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