Poolside @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

It was drizzling almost the whole morning on Friday. But that did not dampen the spirit of everyone.  The pool area was teeming with happy kids and their parents.Alycia going down the slide.  She went up and down the slides all by herself countless times.Sherilyn who seems to have a phobia of water chickened out when she was up the slide.  She waited up there for a good 10 minutes and screamed out to daddy to rescue her.  One time, she puked when she came splashing into the water from the slide and choked on some water.Baby going down the slide with daddy.  I did not intend to bring Baby down to the pool or have a dip in the sea (I was paranoia of her getting another UTI) but soon, she got all wet from head to toe, all thanks to koong koong and daddy.  Baby went down the slide twice and gulped some water too!  The water slides that would make just about anyone go gaa gaa. I almost wanted to jump into the pool in my dress too, to join in the fun!The water toys and fountains at the pool area.  Baby was terrified when I placed her on the animal-shaped stools.Daddy with rascal #2.  The next time we go to Penang Hard Rock Hotel, we wanna stay in one of those rooms facing the pool and sea.  Notice those rooms behind hubby? The moment you open the sliding door, you can jump right into the pool!  Awesome!Baby was really raring to jump into the pool.  When I was busy snapping pix of Aly and Sher, koong koong who had long been waiting to bring Baby into the pool ‘snatched’ her away from granny and brought her into the pool.    Her diaper expanded to three times its original size, all soaked with pool water, so heavy it almost touched the floor, hahahahahaha!   I had to remove the diaper and put her panty on.  This little cili padi, she doesn’t seem to be afraid of the water and was happily moving her hands in a breast stroke motion.  She looked like a little puppy swimming in the water, SO cute!

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